All About Texture – Carnegie’s New Focus on Panel Textiles

Carnegie launched Uncommon Threads, a new collection of panel textiles.

As its name implies, the new Uncommon Threads collection uses unorthodox raw materials to make up a line of panel textiles that are distinctive in texture. A rigorous design process attributed to the artistic sensibility of the collection as each intricate pattern has been carefully vetted by designers and weavers with off-loom experiments. Seven textiles are offered in the collection. Highlighted below are three:

Code by Carnegie

Code by Carnegie: Inspired by braille and dot matrix, Code’s pattern was made possible by weaving shifting lines across the textile surface. A hint of reflective tape yarn is intertwined on the fabric to create more volume and dimensions.


Carve: Carve spontaneously elevate the texture and volume of a space even with a neutral color like beige. It is extremely suitable for contract settings to show just enough character of a space while avoiding being flashy and over the top. The raw fiber-looking pattern perfectly undulates on upholstered walled as though they are endless ripples and crevices.


Stitch: The design exudes hand-stitching sensibility as though it is a delicate Chinese embroidery pattern. Multiple shades of red dash across the surface to create a striking backdrop of which is suitable for lounging and waiting area applications.