Terra by Alcantara: A New Luxury Collection at Paris Deco Off


In the beautiful setting of the Rive Gauche, Alcantara officially presents its second luxury collection dedicated to upholstery and interior décor.

Alcantara.Terra2After Acqua, which evoked the deepest symbolic meanings of that primary element, Terra takes inspiration from the theory of supercontinents to propose 8 refined variations featuring a delightful 3-dimensional effect, obtained through the use of different technologies and techniques. Plissé, tricot, laser-cut, lamination and embroidery are used to create a paleo-geographic map which narrates the evolution of the Earth’s crust, from incandescent liquid rock to the formation of solid ground.

The color palette ranges from neutral to green to the warmest earth tones, with unexpected touches of kiwi green, beet red and white, generating bold contrasts and surprising chromatic dynamics, also thanks to the introduction of four new colors: “Silica”, a pure white; “Malachite”, a green that evokes forest shadows; “Amaretto”, a shade of orange that suggests molten lava; and “Garnet”, a purplish-red reminiscent of the aurora borealis.

The vibrant warmth of the Earth in 8 sophisticated items

Like the rays of the sun filtering through the mangroves, VAALBARA is a laser-cut decoration for creating extraordinary curtains, available in four colors: Gold, Anthracite, Sea Sand and Almond.

Uniquely 3-dimensional, UR is an elegant plissé that interprets the stratification of the Earth’s crust. Ideal for paneling and decorative elements, it comes in five colors: Gold, Malachite, Silica, Sea Sand and Raw Amber.

The movements of the continents that created the planet’s mountains and valleys are the inspiration behind NUNA. For this high-performance seating element, proposed in Almond and Malachite, Alcantara® is divided and reassembled.

Designed to upholster not only sofas and chairs, but panels and walls as well, RODINIA is an intricate laser engraving that draws inspiration from fossils and ferns. The trompe l’oeil macro-pattern is obtained by three different engraving depths. Available in four colors: Rust, Sea Sand, Olive and Garnet.

VENDIAN evokes solidified lava, thanks to its unusual texture, obtained by pairing a special 3-D fabric with soft Alcantara®. Ideal for upholstering seating elements and cushions, it comes in four colors: Kiwi, Anthracite, Amaretto and Silica.

Morning dew becomes transparent resin or multicolored camouflage on Alcantara® in PANGEA. Perfect for both seating elements and decorative details, this article gathers all the colors that characterize the collection in four polychromatic variants – Malachite/clear film, Sea Sand/clear film, Almond/colored film, Silica/colored film.

Amber inclusions inspire the dense metalized laminated pattern of LAURASIA, designed for decorative elements. Available in the variants Olive/olive film, Silica/lead film, Amaretto/bronze film, Raw Amber/smog film, Sea Sand/gold film.

Last but not least is GONDWANA, an Alcantara® weave paired with a matching glossy yarn, for decorating the most refined spaces. Available in Garnet, Anthracite and Kiwi.



Terra, a collection that embodies sophisticated and understated luxury. For upholstery and decorative details, distinguished by the soft touch of Alcantara®.

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TERRA by Alcantara @Paris Deco Off
Galerie Art Cube
Place Furstenberg 9, Paris