Teknion’s Got Your Back With the Behind-You Screen

Behind-You Screen offers a sense of comfort and personal privacy in open plan work spaces

Teknion Corporation announced the launch of Behind-You Screen, a simple yet innovative user controlled partition that creates workstation boundaries, enhancing privacy and comfort in open plan work spaces.

“COVID-19 has shifted perceptions about comfort in the workplace,” says Steve Delfino, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Product Management at Teknion. “While many elements in an office work environment impact employee health and well-being, sensitivity to physical cues and personal control has been heightened. The Behind-You Screen empowers workers to enhance their personal comfort by essentially introducing a door to the open plan workstation. Designed to be compact and easily moveable, the screen system can simply slide back into the workstation when not in use.”

Teknion’s Behind-You Screen is a solution that can be added to both panel based workstation layouts and desking configurations. The flexible screen attaches to a workstation along one side and is free on the other end to be rotated around in order to create a shield behind a worker’s office chair. By blocking a portion of the peripheral distraction in high traffic work areas, the screen ensures employees can take advantage of more intense concentration and productivity. When not in use, the screen slides back into the workstation, saving space. The Behind-You Screen also contributes to an employee’s sense of comfort by giving them the option to extend boundaries within their workspace. Providing seated visual privacy at 51” high, screen material options include textured translucent and fabric. The gable portion is available in solid finishes which include Laminate, Seamless, Flintwood, and Natural Veneer.

Teknion has a diverse offering of screens, workstation mounted or freestanding, which can be added to existing offices and layouts. For a full list, please visit www.teknion.com.

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