Teknion’s Chronicle: Accommodating Workplace Personalization with A Natural Base

In today’s dynamic landscape of fast-changing design trends, personalization is key. This shift extends into the office, even traditionally buttoned-up environments such as legal workspaces. As people seek to personalize their workstations and office environments, a neutral and modern furniture base is a must. Enter: Teknion’s Chronicle. Designed in collaboration with Jess Sorel, Chronicle casegoods is a unique combination of existing ideas, Chronicle refines the expected casegood to be something more: modern, elevated, inviting.

Design highlights:

  • Natural wood veneers are hand-selected and matched per office suite rather than component, for seamless wood grain pattern across multiple pieces.
  • A mix of materials is available within the same suite, including wood, metal, and back-painted glass. Available with two handle styles, including ADA compliant, and three leg styles in solid oak or painted aluminum.
  • Boasts freestanding and height-adjustable surfaces, integrated dimmable cabinet and shelf lighting, interior mirror in wardrobe cabinets, pull out printer and waste bin options, and integrated electrical and cable routing options.