Teknion renews JUST 2.0 label with increased score in five key areas

(Left) Teknion’s Old JUST 2.0 Label, (Right) Teknion’s Renewed JUST 2.0 Label

A JUST label for a company is no different than a nutritional label for food. As a consumer, you expect to be properly informed on what ingredients are in your food, as well as the potential benefits the food provides. Today, society values organizations that transparently share the inner workings of the company, especially as it relates to employee health and well-being, social justice, and holistic equity.

Since 2021, Teknion has voluntarily embarked upon a journey to publicly account for its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) progress. Presented by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI)—dedicated to the social, cultural, and ecological transformation of society—Teknion was recently reassessed for its JUST 2.0 label, a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations. In its recent JUST label renewal, Teknion increased its score in five key areas: pay-scale equity, physical health, well-being, animal welfare, and equitable purchasing.

The six main indicators—diversity and inclusion, equity, employee health, employee benefits, stewardship, and purchasing and supply chain—contain relevant categories broken down into four levels. Using the JUST guidelines, Teknion can continuously discuss its policies on DEI, focus on any pain points, and actually be held accountable to actively update its policies to ensure the manufacturer is maintaining fair practices.