Teknion Enters A New Era Of Corporate Transparency With JUST 2.0 Registration

The corporate landscape continues to shift as more and more Gen Zers enter the workforce. Empty brand missions are no longer enough – the new generation of employees is demanding increased transparency in firms’ commitment to social and global issues. Teknion, a leading workplace furniture manufacturer, recognizes that its employees and their diverse backgrounds are the defining strength of the company. As such, Teknion has solidified their commitment to social justice and equity as it officially registers as a JUST 2.0 organization.

A nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations, the JUST program is dedicated to the social, cultural, and ecological transformation of society. Open to organizations that demonstrate a voluntary commitment to and public transparency on social justice and equity issues, it holds organizations accountable in 22 categories and allows for much needed transparency.

JUST provides an additional layer of learning through the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), with which Teknion already has a 10-year plus relationship. Recognized throughout well-established building standards like LEED and WELL, the registration will measure how the Teknion team is performing and help the company improve its fair practices. Teknion has identified the following goals moving forward:

  • Expand their Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) task force efforts across all regions;
  • Conduct annual compensation assessments to ensure that its compensation practices reflect cost of living increases in specific regions or communities;
  • Give back to local communities by supporting and sponsoring employees in their many volunteering projects that make an ongoing impact in the communities in which they live;
  • Generate at least 100% percent of total sales or revenues from products that have positive environmental attributes and social impact, seeking the following certifications for its products: Declare Label, Energy Star Rated, FSC Certified, and SCS Global Certification.

Teknion will continuously discuss its policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and voluntarily disclose its operations. The company’s efforts are reflected in its most recent Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report.