Tangram Interiors Hosts Successful Health Spaces Showcase, Transforming Healthcare Design Experiences

Tangram Interiors, a leading curator of highly creative commercial interior environments, recently hosted the Health Spaces vendor showcase in their Santa Fe Springs showroom from May 7 to 23. This innovative event brought together healthcare architects, design, real estate and facilities leaders, providing them with an immersive experience in healthcare design.

Health Spaces was conceived in response to the needs expressed by the Architecture and Design (A+D) community, as well as Tangram Interiors’ own experiences in the healthcare market.

Traditional methods of attending multiple showrooms or traveling across the country for trade shows were both time-consuming and costly. Recognizing this, Tangram Interiors aimed to bring the showcase directly to their partners, offering them the convenience of viewing over 25 healthcare manufacturers and a wide range of products — including behavioral health, headwall, lab, ADA-compliant pods, and soft seating products — all in one location.

“Health Spaces solved a problem of time for our partners and clients by not requiring travelling far and wide just to see products,” said Kellie Reed, Vice President, OC Sales + Healthcare at Tangram Interiors.

Vendors featured included Kimball International, Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering, Studio Other, La-Z-Boy Healthcare, Knú Comfort, Framery, Clarus, SitOnIt Seating, LevelWest Healthcare, Falkbuilt, Global Furniture Group, Wieland Healthcare, Art Concepts, Rodenbeck Associates, Krug, Pineapple, JANUS et Cie, Kwalu, OFS, Carolina, Stance, EPIC trends, Plural Studios, Tangram Technology, The Makers Creative (TMC), Symbiote, Steelcase, Designtex, KwickScreen, and Thinkspace.

“Our goal was to create more than just a vendor show,” added Reed. “We wanted to provide a curated tour and personalized experience for each group, allowing them to truly engage with each environment and leave with new insights and connections.”

The Health Spaces showcase was a resounding success, with 42 tours conducted over the span of nine days. Hundreds of attendees were able to explore various healthcare environments firsthand, gaining valuable knowledge and inspiration for their own projects. The event underscored Tangram Interiors’ commitment to facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering relationships within the healthcare design community.

“I am incredibly grateful for the team effort between Tangram and our vendors that made Health Spaces possible. Seeing the excitement and engagement from our attendees was truly incredible, and we’re proud to have provided a space where they could experience such a diverse range of healthcare design solutions,” says Sonya Lozowski, MD, Tangram Chairman. “As a physician, Health Spaces is a passion project and I’m honored to be a part of a company that prioritized making healing spaces accessible to our clients and partners.”

Tangram Interiors looks forward to continuing to support and connect the healthcare design community through innovative events like Health Spaces, driving forward the transformation of healthcare environments.

To learn more about Tangram Interiors and its wide range of design projects, please contact rachel@kcomm.com.

About Tangram

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