Tables, Shelving, Lighting, Seating: Meet m.a.d. Furniture Design

Mark Daniel, Matt Cole & Dan Given
Trace Barstool

The latest release from m.a.d. Furniture Design, manufacturer of useful, affordable and desirable furniture for the modern urban dweller, is the Trace Barstool.

One of the industry’s best kept secrets, m.a.d. was founded by Mark Daniel, Matt Cole, and Dan Given in 2010 after the trio had spent over 10 years designing, making and managing other people’s furniture around Asia. With m.a.d., Mark, Matt, and and Dan can control the production process from conception through development and distribution. With the team’s profound knowledge of product development and tight-knit relationships with component makers in South China, they are able to produce furniture at the highest quality, with not-often-seen flexibility in materials, at an approachable price-point.

m.a.d. Furniture can be used across all applications including commercial, hospitality, residential, healthcare and education.