Sustainability Meets Commercial Performance in Momentum’s New Finnegan Wools Collection

Renowned for their thoughtfully curated textile and wallcovering designs, Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering is thrilled to announce the launch of the Finnegan Wools Collection. The celebration of this timeless material features versatile designs and an impressive array of over three dozen colors, all displaying impeccable performance. The collection embodies the inherent qualities of wool, a biodegradable and rapidly renewable material. Wool is not only hypoallergenic but also highly durable and breathable. The Finnegan Wools Collection was designed to naturally complement other Momentum lines or stand alone to elevate any interior commercial or work space.

“Our team was intentional in the design of this highly functional, eco-conscious collection that not only pays homage to the timeless allure and functionality of wool but celebrates color in both a whimsical and practical way,” comments Paul Cleary, President and CEO of Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering. “Finnegan exemplifies Momentum’s core philosophy of redefining design with versatile offerings for diverse spaces. The collection showcases how our textiles seamlessly integrate into any setting and emphasizes our commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries of commercial interior design.”

The collection features three distinct constructions — Shire, Chekov and its namesake Finnegan — that highlight wool’s most impressive natural attributes of longevity, durability, and sustainability to create a quietly luxurious product for all interiors. The organically curled, elastic wool fibers interlock with each other to shield from abrasion and repel against stains due to the fabric’s unique composition. With a palette of 42 curated colors, inspiring accents from the large-scale plaid are echoed in the solid textures and anchored in practicality with hues chosen by reviewing powder- coated metals from commercial furniture makers. This thoughtful integration ensures a harmonious aesthetic, allowing the collection to effortlessly blend into any space.

“At Momentum, we are constantly taking inspiration from nature’s inherent beauty, which directly influenced the creation of the Finnegan Collection,” comments Shantel McGowan, Vice President of Design at Momentum. “Serving designers with a product that can completely lighten, inspire and evolve a room into a space of tranquility and elegance was exactly our goal in its creation.”

Available options in the Wools Collection include:


This construction features a plain texture with boucle and a hint of hand- spun charm. With every twist and turn, the wool boucle yarn adds an extra level of intrigue to the complex woven structure. Behind the latticework, the enmeshed boucle sits as a background layer that grounds the construction to provide extreme durability despite Shire’s airy, open appearance. Offered in 15 heathered colorways, and composed of 52% wool, and 48% polyester. Shire features a durability of 50,000 cycles Martindale.


A classic wool fabric at an ideal scale and weight, Chekhov upholsters beautifully on modernist curves, maintains crisp corners on tailored edges and stretches comfortably to return to its original taut surface. The dense two-color mini-check with a gently brushed surface is available in 26 colorways and composed of 78% wool and 22% nylon. Chekhov features a durability of 100,000 cycles Martindale.


The contemporary plaid design paired with key color palettes functions to connect warm and cool tones or as a pivotal transition from light to dark tones for designers. The vivid, confident energy of Finnegan stimulates a creative productivity while remaining effortlessly chic. Available in 4 colors – Indigo, Solstice, Lavender, Tawny – and composed of 70% wool, 20% nylon and 10% polyester, Finnegan has a durability of 100,000 cycles Martindale.

About Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering is the largest supplier of contract textiles and wallcoverings to the commercial interiors industry. Its mission is to create textiles and wallcoverings that inspire and equip customers to execute great work for their clients. Momentum is recognized for sustainable product design and collaborations with renowned artists and designers. Momentum is a recipient of the 2016 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest presidential honor for performance excellence. Momentum is committed to sustainable excellence through innovation and continuous improvement.