Sunon’s UP7 and Verdure-X now available in the U.S.

Sunon has launched two new products in the U.S.

UP7 is a premium height-adjustable desk with groundbreaking features for improving user health. It has a built-in sensor that monitors seated time; then visual and touch cues let users know when it’s time to stand. UP7 also features an innovative design with the controls on top and legs flush with the top edge, creating more below-desk space than standard sit/stand desks. The form and function are so groundbreaking, Sunon filed 12 patents during its development. Read more.

Verdure-X is a tile-and-frame system that lets you create a huge array of layouts with a smaller footprint than traditional systems. Panels slide into posts for easy assembly and can be topped with privacy screens to build workstations, or left on their own as beam-style space dividers. Multiple entry points on the panels give you flexibility on where to place them in relation to power and data sources. Read more.