Studio TK Launches Fractals Nook, A New Privacy Solution for the Hybrid Workplace

Studio TK’s latest product launch, Fractals Nook, is an extension of the existing Fractals Lounge product line which helps to support the new demands of the hybrid workplace model. Fractals Nook features an organic shell with an added worksurface to create an intimate carrel for heads down work.

Designed to support heads down work, Fractals Nook creates needed privacy in an open office plan. The curved design of Fractals allows for the creation of new planning scenarios beyond traditional linear desk setups. With the addition of Fractals Nook to the existing Fractals Lounge line, the line offers the ability to intertwine high back lounge pieces with high desk nooks. This creates touchdown spaces that can be placed in the middle of a town hall or culture hub without creating the feeling of traditional desking. The surface planes, volume, and modularity of the pieces are intended to create a broad canvas on which to use a variety of colors and textures to create distinctive looks.