Studio TK Introduces New Extensions to the Borough Lounge Collection

Borough Lounge Renderings | Courtesy of Studio TK

As new products continue to flood the market, each promising something “unique” and “highly innovative”, Studio TK is taking a different approach to addressing the increasing demand for adaptable office furniture solutions. Instead of reinventing the wheel, the team has taken what is already there (and works!) and improved it to fill that need.

Studio TK and Christophe Pillet are once again raising the bar of modular seating by introducing nine new, hospitality-oriented extensions to the Borough Lounge collection. The original Borough modular lounge system has adorned many offices since its debut in 2018 because of its simple yet sophisticated appearance. The new nine-member fellowship of individual modular pieces combines home seating elements with the flexibility to create one-of-a-kind, welcoming spaces.

The original Borough is known for its hospitality-oriented elements that enhance daily experiences as users journey between destinations. Adding the new extensions allows Studio TK to expand its product line while providing dealers, designers, and clients with a versatile tool to complete large and small projects.

The new distinctive seating elements of four curved ottomans, four curved straight-back sectionals, and a straight-back 90-degree corner add to the versatility of office design. The compatible sectional geometry of the separate parts configures into either a simple single-seat banquette or a complex, room-filling double-backed serpentine. The ability to customize Borough Lounge to fit each user’s style leads to an endless possibility of personalized seating.