Studio TK Infuses Happiness Into the Workplace With Stop Motion Show Stoppers: Rec and Vondom

When the pandemic hit, elaborate film productions had to understandably be stalled in order to keep cast and crew safe. The inability to collaboratively work hand in hand with a crew left many creatives wondering how production could be brought back in a safe, yet unique way. Cue the original film making of the year 1898: stop motion film. With the advanced cinematography tools of today, there is no denying stop motion films still have a charm and quirk about them that is inherently imperfect, raw, and brimming with personality. Studio TK, an award-winning manufacturer of workplace furniture and products, saw this low-tech solution as an opportunity to highlight the characteristics they loved so much in their products, Rec Worktables and the Vondom Collection.

Creating stop motion films not only provided a way to produce a video in accordance with safety protocols that have been put into place in response to the pandemic, but proved to be the ideal way to show the functionality of both collections. The minimalistic, yet eye-catching videos highlight the details of each project.

If you are interested in learning more about how the team created these videos to highlight their products, you can view and download the Rec video here and the Vondom video here.

Below is additional information about the Rec Worktables as well as the Vondom products.

Rec Worktables

Created for the active worker, Rec Work Tables by Studio TK provide a high work table suited for social spaces. Harkening back to the era of the raw, rectangular work tables commonly associated with the industrial age, Rec appeals to creative types who just need to sit or stand and accomplish some solo work. The bar -height tables create an environment for people to sit or stand at the counter-style table, allowing for flexible work postures.

Vondom Collection

Studio TK entered into a new venture with Vondom—a leading Spanish provider of sophisticated outdoor furniture and accessories for modern indoor and outdoor commercial spaces. Under the new alliance, Studio TK will offer Vondom’s Africa, Delta, and Kes seating lines, and Mari-Sol tables in the North American market.

Delta Chair with Armrests

The Delta collection by Jorge Pensi blends equally well with exterior or interior contemporary spaces. The design intent behind the Delta chair was to create a timeless product that constantly seeks to strike a balance between realism and surrealism, matter and antimatter, abstraction and emotion.

Kes Chair

Designed by Gabriele + Oscar Buratti, Kes is a simple chair and armchair. The collection of seating is perfectly suited for transitional indoor and outdoor spaces allowing for use in the indoor café as well as the outdoor patio.

Africa Seating

The Africa collection includes a chair, armchair, and bar stool. After the success of the Africa chair, Vondom transformed its qualities to a higher level, so beauty and serenity can be enjoyed from the bar as a stool.

Mari-Sol Tables

Mari-Sol is a table collection designed by Eugeni Quitllet that combines technology in its function with sensuality in its shape. Different dimensions allow it to adapt to any environment.