Studio Other Introduces Privacy Panels To Help Organizations Quickly Adapt Existing Workstations During and After COVID Pandemic

Personal Desk Screen

Studio Other (formerly Tangram Studio), a creator of custom solutions for commercial interior environments and workspaces, has introduced a new family of attachable privacy panels designed to offer a high level of flexibility for existing workstations.

Quick and easy adaptability, while protecting employee health, will be a key factor as organizations reopen their facilities, most likely in a phased approach. Furnishings for interior spaces must accommodate dynamic shifts in space layouts and capacity over time for efficiency as well as cost savings.

“Many organizations are already anticipating how we will return to work and the adjustments that will need to be made along that road to ensure employee safety,” noted Charlotte Wiederholt, President and Creative Director of Studio Other. “Because making drastic changes to a current work environment can be costly and time consuming, we have developed these easily attachable privacy screens as an innovative way to facilitate changes in configurations.”

These privacy screens are available in six configurations:

  • Movable, freestanding, two-panel, L (PET)
  • Fixed, freestanding, two-panel, L (PET)
  • Removable side wing (powder-coated steel)
  • Fixed side wing (PET)
  • Freestanding forward hood (PET)
  • Freestanding reverse hood (PET)

Offered in a choice of 18 standard colors, the screens can help meet social distancing requirements while maintaining the aesthetic characteristics of the workplace. In addition, custom colors and materials are available as special orders.For information on Studio Other, visit

Forward Hood Freestanding
Fixed Wing Panel
Fixed L Screen

About Studio Other

Studio Other works closely with each client to reflect and reinforce a distinctive culture through innovative workspace solutions and a process of collaborative input and planning, conceptualization, prototyping, engineering, fabrication and installation. It also serves as an integral member of project teams alongside architects, contractors and others to achieve seamless integration of all requirements.