Studio Gorm Elevates Standing Tables for HBF

Open Design of Studio Table Creates a Multifunctional Piece to Anchor Meetings, Dining, and More

Studio Gorm has collaborated with HBF to create the Studio Table series. This standing height table features an open, honest design that provides a practical solution to the 21 st century work environment. With authentic materials and thoughtful design elements at its forefront, the Studio Table finds beauty in utility.

“When an item is useful, it has an inherent beauty,” explains Studio Gorm’s John Arndt. “We were inspired by Shaker furniture. Simplicity and functionality were the keys to their designs, and form always followed function. We took these notions and modernized them for the Studio Table.”

The collection is intuitive to use and enjoy, and the table’s aesthetics make it a standout: while the tabletop is rectangular, a secondary shelf has curved edges for an eye-catching and inviting juxtaposition. The tabletop also features a split down the center that adds both a beautiful design element and gives users an easy and discreet place to easily access power. The Studio Table’s triangular leg detail gives the otherwise solid piece a sense of airiness, and its solid wood construction makes it immediately elegant.

The Studio Table is at standing height to allow for informal standing meetings or laptopping, but it can also be paired with stools for dining or longer work sessions. Its design is open while still providing all the necessities: the power rests on the second, lower shelf, where users can also store bags or other items. The Studio Table’s versatility extends beyond the traditional office. It is at home in workspaces, conference and meeting rooms, cafes, lounges, hospitality settings, and even residential kitchen settings.

About HBF

HBF reveals the intentionality of design in everything we make through attention to detail and impeccable service. Our expertise comes from understanding how furniture creates relationships between people, environments, and objects — a holistic perspective for living and working. Part of a two-hundred year legacy of furniture manufacturing within North Carolina, HBF produces many of our products locally in Hickory N.C. HBF is recognized for its innovative design and craftsmanship; we collaborate with leading designers to produce furniture with an emphasis on craft, comfort and sustainability. For more information visit:

About Studio Gorm

Studio Gorm was founded in 2007 by John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong-Arndt. They met when studying at the Design Academy of Eindhoven. After graduating they spent a year in Rotterdam before they settled down in Eugene, Oregon where they are both professors in the Product Design Department at the University of Oregon. Their designs are informed by their speculative academic research, which explores culture, history and technology and how objects and ideas evolve to fit the needs of modern life. Their methods are deeply rooted in the act of physical making where an object’s true form evolves out of an experimental constructive approach to design. As designers of functional objects, the designers draw from their background in sculpture and craft to create works that successfully balance function and aesthetic.