Studio by 3form Offers Contemporary + Cost-Effective Solutions to Education Design

Studio by 3form_Profile_UMass
Studio by 3form_VT_Pritchard Hall
VT Pritchard Hall

Studio by 3form, an award-winning division of sustainable material manufacturer 3form, creates innovative design solutions driven by the needs of end-users in educational institutions. Studio by 3form’s budget-friendly product offerings provide schools and universities the opportunity to create environments that foster learning and creativity, while also adding contemporary aesthetic value.

An alternative to traditional wall coverings, Studio by 3form’s Profile Panels and Tiles offer a flexible, easy-to-install and cost-effective solution for educational environments. Three of Studio by 3form’s most recent education installations demonstrate the Profile product line’s versatility across a breadth of applications.

As part of a building renovation project, Profile Carve Panels were incorporated into the hallways and reception area of the graduate dormitories at UMass Lowell. Designers used 3form colors, Rift Oak and Enamel White, to complement University branding. Designers used repeating Profile patterns in two colors to reinforce a cohesive design throughout the space.

At Virginia Tech, Profile Verve Tiles were used in a residence hall to create a colorful feature wall in a shared collaborative space. The bold colors and custom pattern deliver energy and texture, while enhancing the modern aesthetic of the space.

Studio by 3form_Profile_Conrady Jr. High
Conrady Jr. High

Profile Carve, Ray and Zing Panels were used in the hallways of Conrady Junior High in Chicago to mask outdated walls. Designers incorporated cork bulletin boards between the Panels to provide a flexible and functional design solution. The three Profile patterns connect the hallways and beautifully blend with the school’s new modern industrial aesthetic.

All formats and patterns in the Profile collection are available in 28 finishes ranging from Ultra White and French Vanilla to Aluminum Brushed and Toasted Walnut. Profile is also available in Studio by 3form’s new Felt finish, which adds a rich textural element and helps achieve effective sound diffusion in collaborative spaces and open environments. Additionally, the tile units can be combined with 3form’s Chroma tiles, which, with a color palette of 10,000+ hues, can add bursts and patterns of an accent color. Profile products have a Class A fire rating, durable finish and can be cleaned and maintained with ease.

Project Details:

UMass Lowell
Location: Lowell, MA
Designer: Stantec
Materials: Profile Carve Panels
Photography: Greg Pemru Photography

Virginia Tech
Location: Blacksburg, VA
Designer: VMDO
Materials: Profile Verve Tiles
Photography: Ansel Olsen

Conrady Jr High
Location: Hickory Hills, IL
Designer: Legat
Materials: Profile Carve, Ray & Zing
Photography: Brian Fritz Photography

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Studio by 3form, a division of 3form, provides cutting edge, 3-dimensional solutions to the Architecture + Design industry. Using an array of new materials and hardware as well as 3form’s traditional materials, Studio brings forth unique solutions that are easy-to-specify and easy-to-install. Follow the latest updates from Studio by 3form on Facebook and Twitter.

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3form is the leading manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions for the Architecture + Design industry. Our innovative Varia Ecoresin® panels, with 40 percent recycled content, encapsulate translucent color, organic materials, sheer textiles and embossed textures to create translucent walls, dividers, sliding doors, and more. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the 3form Translucent blog.