STRATA Beam Bench from Landscape Forms

LandscapeForms.STRATA Beam Bench

Landscape Forms Expands its Portfolio of Cast Concrete Site Furniture with the STRATA Beam Bench

LandscapeForms.STRATA Beam Bench2Landscape Forms is pleased to announce the introduction of the STRATA Beam bench, the latest addition to its STRATA family of Meldstone™ Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) products. Meldstone™ is a proprietary material engineered by Landscape Forms with state of the art technology innovations that deliver new capabilities in form and structure. The new bench from industrial designer Jess Sorel offers a stylish variation on the concrete and wood classic. “The STRATA Beam bench advances our goal to expand our presence in the cast concrete furniture market,” explains Landscape Forms President, Richard Heriford. “We acquired Meldstone™ capabilities because we saw a lack of well-designed concrete site furniture. Now we are combining high performance cast concrete with other materials to deliver great design.”

STRATA Beam is distinguished by subtly faceted cast end pieces made possible by state-of-the-art Meldstone™ technology. The faceting offers a play between light and shadow from multiple points of view. Anchoring elements are bridged by robust wood slats that form an uninterrupted span. “The Meldstone™ castings in STRATA Beam mimic the form vocabulary of the original STRATA bench,” says Kirt Martin, Vice President of Design and Marketing. “Here we see the same sensibilities – intriguing angles and clean lines – coupled with wood where the body interacts with the material. It’s a beautiful use of two materials derived from the earth. Very natural but also very modern.”

The three-seat bench is offered with and without a back. The angled back is inset from the seat ends, providing visual counterpoint to the angularity of the castings. Cast concrete elements are notched to accept wood seat slats and metal back supports are sculpted as transitional elements to draw the wood and concrete together, elegant solutions emblematic of the craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of the product. The mix of materials provides pleasing contrasts between cool and warm, cast and milled, hard and soft. Optional cast arms are available on both backed and backless versions. STRATA Beam is solidly grounded while retaining a lightness of scale appropriate for use in multiple applications. A natural compliment to the original STRATA bench, it is designed for use with STRATA tables to create out of the ordinary outdoor settings.

About Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms is the industry leader in integrated collections of high-design site furniture and advanced LED lighting. Since its founding in 1969 Landscape Forms has earned a reputation for excellent design, high quality products and exceptional service. The Landscape Forms U.S. headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan with sales representatives throughout North America, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, South America, Australia and Asia. Landscape Forms collaborates with renowned industrial designers and consultancies, landscape architects, and architects to design and develop integrated collections of products that address emerging needs and help create a sense of place. Additionally, the company has formed global marketing partnerships with select companies that share its commitment to design. Landscape Forms has an installed base of products around the world. Clients include municipalities, transit centers, corporate, college and health care campuses; and familiar brand leaders such as Boeing, Cisco Systems, Disney, Sprint, American Airlines, Herman Miller and Nike. The company was recently named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 15 Small Workplaces in the US.