Stillfried Wien: Celebrating with Lobmeyr


The Garden of Paradise series celebrates the beauty and purity of nature, and after many requests Lobmeyr added a Pitcher to the artistic series.

The Reigen by Dutch artist and designer Aldo Bakker is a series of 6 glasses with a strong and distinct shape. Three tumblers can be stacked with the other three, making a total of 18 combinations.

Originally designed in the 19th century, the Alhambra series is one of Lobmeyr’s most beautiful. Its inspiration are abstract animal drawings of the famous “Jarra” vase at Alhambra palace in Granada.


In celebration of Josef Hoffmann’s 150th birthday Lobmeyr completed the famous “Series B” and added the beer glass. The glass serves perfectly as a nice high ball, a beer or water tumbler.

Josef Hoffmann first designed this collection in 1912. It is one of many wonderful collaborations between the famous architect and Lobmeyr.


Mouth blown, engraved, gilded, polished or hand painted Lobmeyr’s drinking series and vases have a timeless appeal. A fascination for crystal has been the driving force behind the family run business for almost 200 years.

While the production of many historical designs continues, Lobmeyr honors the tradition of whimsical design and openness through collaboration with contemporary designers such as Ilse Crawford, Stefan Sagmeister, or Ted Muehling.


Stillfried Wien | 40 Walker Street, New York, NY 10013