Stickbulb Chandelier Awarded Overall “Best in Show” for NYCxDESIGN

Chime + RAY at ICFF
Chime with NYCxDESIGN Best in Show award

The Stickbulb team has been non-stop this spring. From debuting two new stunning LED fixtures (Chime and RAY Sconce) and a new finish (Blackened Brass) to showing at the AD Show for the first time as well as returning to ICFF for the seventh year, this has been a truly impressive season for the LIC-based lighting company.

We are thrilled to share that they have also won the coveted “Best in Show” category for this year’s NYCxDESIGN Awards–a comprehensive category for the best across all NYCxDESIGN shows–for Chime, which was on display at ICFF as a 10-foot-tall cascading chandelier made from redwood reclaimed from Brooklyn’s first skyscraper at 32 Court Street. This will be their second win in the “Best in Show” category, having won two years ago for their Ambassador installation at Collective Design.

See press releases below for both Chime and RAY Sconce.

Stickbulb Chime Team


A Vertically Integrated and Ingeniously Engineered Take on the Chandelier

This spring Stickbulb – a New York-based lighting manufacturer with an experiential showroom in Long Island City – adds an ambitious new collection to its growing line. Designed by RUX, the founding creative team behind Stickbulb, Chime is a playful reinterpretation of a classic chandelier. It debuted at ICFF May 19-22 at NYC’s Jacob K. Javits Center – in a 10-foot-tall cascading arrangement made out of reclaimed redwood from the recently demolished water tower atop Brooklyn’s first skyscraper, a landmarked building located at 32 Court Street. The installation was awarded Best in Show at the 2019 NYCxDESIGN awards.

“If a tree and a chandelier had a baby… it would look something like Chime,” says RUX Founder and Stickbulb Co-Founder Russell Greenberg. “It has the mass, presence, and sumptuous form of a traditional crystal chandelier but with a completely different structural     and material intelligence. Instead of light refracting through crystals, it emanates from wood, like a glowing tree trunk”.

Originally designed as a custom, one-off project for a client, Chime is now an official part of the Stickbulb collection. Unique to Chime is a ball joint connector that allows each Stickbulb  360 degrees of rotation within its socket, as well as the ability to sway in a gentle breeze.   This flexible joint is the first of its kind for Stickbulb, which historically has made fixtures with rigid connection points and angular geometries.

“After seven years of playing with rigid connectors, it felt like it was time to loosen up a bit,” says Greenberg.

The Chime collection comes in three different diameters (20”, 28” and 36” diameter rings), each of which can be specified with a variety of bulb lengths. They can be hung individually, clustered together to form dynamic, room-filling installations, or nested into cascading forms up to 12 feet long.

As with other fixtures  in  the  Stickbulb  collection,  Chime  is  available  in  a  range  of  carefully chosen wood types including reclaimed Heart Pine and NYC Water Tower Redwood, sustainably sourced American Walnut and Maple, and Ebonized Oak. The ring is made from powder-coated steel in a matte black finish and the ball-joint is available  in polished nickel or brass.



Sleek and singular wooden designs mark Stickbulb’s most minimalist collection yet

Stickbulb showcased a brand new and radically spare collection at ICFF, the international design tradeshow in New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center May 19- 22. Designed by RUX, the creative team behind the Long Island City-based lighting brand, the RAY Sconce Collection centers around the simple beauty of the different types of wood used in each and every Stickbulb design. The name “RAY” refers to light as well as the nutrient-rich lines in the cross-section of a tree-trunk, known as medullary rays.

“Ray is simple, clean, and quiet,” notes Russell Greenberg, RUX Founder and Stickbulb Co-Founder. “The design is so minimal that it draws your attention closer to the subtle details of the wood grain and the machined precision of the sconce construction.”

A newly-designed hardware component allows the fixture to be mounted directly onto a wall, in both vertical or horizontal directions.

“The collection is incredibly versatile, coming in lengths ranging from 18 inches through to 5ft, as well as in vertical and horizontal orientations. The light can face the wall, creating a halo effect around the sconce, or graze the wall, creating a gentle wash of light in an up, down, left, or right direction,” says Stickbulb Co-Founder Christopher Beardsley.

As with other fixtures in the Stickbulb collection, RAY is available in five carefully curated wood types: sustainably-sourced Maple, Walnut, and Ebonized Oak, as well as reclaimed Heart Pine and Water Tower Redwood. Since its start, the Stickbulb mission has been to source wood from only demolished buildings, decommissioned water towers, trees that have already fallen, and sustainably-grown forests.

About Stickbulb

Stickbulb is an award-winning lighting brand co-founded in 2012 by RUX Studios Founder and Creative Director Russell Greenberg and Managing Partner Christopher Beardsley as a way to combine their mutual love of architecture, modular systems, and sustainable manufacturing. Born from a pile of scrap wood, the principal objective of Stickbulb has always been to create more light with less waste. To this day the team makes small desk lamps through to room-filling installations out of wood from locally demolished buildings, dismantled water towers, fallen trees, and sustainably managed forests. The brand has received international accolades including the Red Dot Award and the NYCxDESIGN Award for Best in Show. The collection can be found in a growing list of international showrooms and design galleries including their own showroom/studio in Long Island City, NYC. @stickbulb #LightFromWood