Stay in Sync with Dauphin’s Sync 2

Ergonomic Seating When Working From Home

The COVID-19 global pandemic has thrown our whole world out of sync!

While staying at home to keep healthy and help prevent the spread of the virus, many are working in less than ideal environments.

We know that at the bare minimum everyone needs computer equipment, internet access, telephones and printer/scanners. Also highly recommended is a designated work area free of distractions. Good luck with that when parents and children alike are working and learning from home!

But where and how is everyone sitting? Perched on a stool at the kitchen counter? Sitting on a dining chair or lounging with a laptop on the sofa? While these may be perfectly acceptable alternatives for short periods of time, most residential furniture is not meant for 8-hours of “healthy” sitting.

An adjustable ergonomic task chair will support proper posture reducing or eliminating back pain and leading to increased focus, productivity and physical and mental wellness.

To help keep your body in sync while working at home even while the rest of the world is out of sync, Dauphin’s Sync 2 is available for Quick Ship in two business days and can be easily assembled in less than 5 minutes.

Click here to view the assembly video or click here to learn more about Sync 2.

If you or your employees are in need of an ergonomic task chair and would like to place an order for the Sync 2, please contact Dauphin’s customer service department at or call 800-631-1186 to find your local furniture dealer.

Keep calm and stay healthy!