Springboard Working Surfaces Launches Sleek New Mobile Working Surface

What if you were allowed to draw on the walls?
Springboard introduces versatile room-dividing working surface

Springboard, a North Carolina based manufacturer of contract furnishings, is excited to launch a newline of versatile working surfaces: HBoard. Designed with simplicity, durability and functionality in mind, this aggressively priced working tool is a natural addition to any high-productivity environment– from hospitals to schools to offices. As a fully mobile collaboration tool and space divider, HBoard brings functional design to creative minds anywhere. The fully magnetic working surface comes in multiple colors and has an integrated shelf, offering a modern look with high functionality.

The HBoard’s four legs maximize stability and agility, making the writing surface an ideal mobile surface for equally fast-moving ideas. Made in the USA, the HBoard is crisp, sleek and low-profile, featuring magnetic capabilities on both sides. The sturdy design retains a small footprint, meaning lighter weight and easy shipment, installation and storage when needed. SpringBoard products are designed for the way we work and live, with the hope of fostering collaboration and innovation. HBoard is available in twelve curated colors influenced by international trends in fashion, automotive, and interior design–held up by a black, white or grey frame and shelf.

About SpringBoard

SpringBoard is a North Carolina-based maker of refined working surfaces that facilitate brainstorming, innovation and collaboration. Their commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship and precision is fueled by their belief that people should be able to engage passionately in all aspects of their lives, including their work. SpringBoard exists to give people the perfect tools to do great work.