Spring Cleaning: KnollTextiles Bleach Cleanable & Antimicrobial Fabrics

Dear friends and clients of KnollTextiles,

As we continue to navigate these times, I would like to assure you that our priority is accommodating the needs of your work and that of your clients. The topics of bleach cleanable and antimicrobial fabrics are top-of-mind and KnollTextiles is prepared to help you navigate them.

Bleach Cleanable Fabrics

Many of you have asked us questions about bleach cleanable fabrics. A fabric that is bleach cleanable can be wiped or spot cleaned with a recommended combination of household bleach and water without weakening the fabric’s fibers or altering the fabric’s texture or color. When used according to CDC guidelines, and in following the suggested protocols of the cleaner itself, bleach can kill both microorganisms and viruses. KnollTextiles offers more than 100 bleach cleanable fabrics in all product categories, from upholstery to wallcovering and drapery to panel fabrics. We have recently updated our website for quick access to a list of bleach cleanable products, cleaning information and FAQs. Visit our Bleach Cleanable & Antimicrobial page.

Antimicrobial Fabrics

Another hot topic is antimicrobial fabrics. A fabric that is antimicrobial can kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungus. We stock products that are inherently antimicrobial and those that have an antimicrobial treatment added. We also offer aftermarket antimicrobial finishes. This feature is not intended to protect humans from the spread of infectious diseases; it protects a fabric from the growth of certain microorganisms that would deteriorate its appearance or performance. To learn more about KnollTextiles’ antimicrobial fabrics, visit our Bleach Cleanable & Antimicrobial page.

We believe that when possible, no finish is the best finish. On the other hand, some of our clients depend on us to deliver fabrics with performance attributes that require additional finishes. Having these products in stock allows clients to meet their project deadlines without the added cost and time of an aftermarket finish. For those who do need a finish, we make every effort to offer options while also exploring sustainable solutions.

New Collection

Finally, we are thrilled to enter a new month with the launch of The Destination Collection. This collection features high-performance textiles that are inspired by abstract and structural elements found in nature and architecture. There are 4 new bleach cleanable upholsteries, 2 of which were developed for indoor/outdoor use—Utopia, a bleach-cleanable velvet at a budget-friendly price and Stripe It, the only bleach cleanable, indoor/outdoor épinglé construction upholstery on the market. A selection of textured wallcoverings and a double-width indoor/outdoor, bleach cleanable drapery complete the collection.

KnollTextiles Sales Representatives remain available to you, in person or remotely, depending on your preferences and local circumstances, to explore this new collection. We can provide samples, design ideas and color schemes to wherever you are currently doing business.

Thank you for your continued support of KnollTextiles over the last several weeks: our warehouse is busy shipping your orders. We continue to be in operation while closely monitoring the latest developments on COVID-19 and protecting the well-being of our associates.

Be safe and enjoy our latest designs!


Enrico Colzani
President, KnollTextiles

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