Spacestor Pledges Largest Donation To Date to Depaul International

Verandas: A totally adaptable modular meeting room system; highly customizable and inherently sustainable

Spacestor, a leading provider of inspired workplace furniture solutions, is pleased to announce its most recent charitable donation to Depaul International, a global charity committed to helping those experiencing homelessness and unsafe accommodation.

This support underscores Spacestor’s dedication to social responsibility and assisting vital causes within its cross-country community. Depaul International’s mission has a strong alignment with Spacestor’s commitment to creating inclusive, safe, and supportive environments, both in the workplace and in society at large.

Speaking about the donation, Nick Stedman, VP Marketing at Spacestor, explains their commitment for the partnership: “Spacestor believes that everybody deserves the opportunity for a fulfilling future, this is why when you select Verandas not only are you choosing a sustainable, design-led solution, but you’re investing in a greater future for all.”

In their initiative ‘Get a Room, Give a Room’, Spacestor has resolved to donate to facilitate the accommodation of one homeless person for every Verandas room purchased. Recently, an additional 26 Verandas configurations, purchased by a leading global food manufacturer and other clients, has enabled a further contribution towards Depaul International’s programs and initiatives aimed at providing shelter, sustenance, and assistance to homeless individuals and those who are at risk of homelessness around the world.

Renowned for its outstanding work in addressing homelessness, Depaul is recognized for its long-standing commitment to communities in the US, UK, Ukraine and other countries across Europe. The charity has hubs in New York, Chicago and London, communities which mean a lot to Spacestor, as important Design Center locations for their staff and the design community.

About Spacestor: Spacestor is the creator of architectural, space-defining furniture that seamlessly blends California cool with London Design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first established itself as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, but today, the company holds offices in London, Manchester, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City – giving them a unique position to observe and learn from some of the most creative and successful global companies. From their long-term engagements with clients like Google, JP Morgan, and Pfizer, Spacestor knows how a sustainable workspace environment drives organizational goals, whether building great team culture in a hybrid world or exciting people to be back in the office again.