Spacestor Introduces Seamless Simplicity with Portico

Over years of studying user experience and listening to client needs, workplace furniture creator Spacestor has continuously developed their range of single user pods, producing the most accessible and autonomous booths currently available for the workplace of today. This focused research, paired with an innovative thought process has enabled them to navigate the many features and functions a workplace pod can champion and hone the most essential of these to create their newest product.

Benefiting from continual development and years of research at producing the best single user pods, meet Portico!

At its core, Portico is a Spacestor pod, with a seamless simplicity that has all the essentials a user needs for focus, private working. Strongly advocating both clarity and style, Portico offers built-in power, lighting, and ventilation. The booth also has step-free access ensuring it is accessible for a range of employees and features a glass door to provide an enclosed space within the buzz of the modern, more open plan office. Acoustics are further refined with drop down sound-proof seal on the door and sound-absorbing internal walls to enhance the privacy offered.

Portico is supported by a resilient colour palette of dark grey and platinum white and has the option of a sitting or standing height desk. The product is 97% recyclable with a majority of board materials containing 0.007% formaldehyde. The coreboard is coated with a melamine resin which blocks emissions keeping VOC and formaldehyde emissions very low, enabling us to support clients with their project and organisation-wide sustainability goals.

In essence, Spacestor has taken learnings from the development of a range of products to conceive a simply built booth with reduced options, allowing a more cost-effective price. No more or no less than what a user needs, built to last, and still the same Spacestor pedigree. Spacestor encourages organisations to embrace a workspace solution that understands user needs, enhances user focus, and complements the user’s brand. There’s no need to compromise.

Portico by Spacestor—where simplicity meets sophistication.

About Spacestor: Spacestor is the creator of architectural, space-defining furniture that seamlessly blends California cool with London Design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first established itself as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, but today, the company holds offices in London, Manchester, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City – giving them a unique position to observe and learn from some of the most creative and successful global companies. From their long-term engagements with clients like Google, JP Morgan, and Pfizer, Spacestor knows how a sustainable workspace environment drives organizational goals, whether building great team culture in a hybrid world or exciting people to be back in the office again.