Space to Pause: Schiavello launches new Valli sofa collection

Australian workplace furniture designer and manufacturer Schiavello has launched a new sofa collection that provides spaces for retreat, collaboration, conversation and focus. Winning the ‘Innovation Award’ at the Best of NeoCon 2023 Awards, Valli is a collection of three seating styles – each available as single, two or three seaters – designed to foster a new space to pause, imagine and connect in the workplace.

Valli Cove

Valli Cove, the hero product within the collection, provides a peaceful retreat within the atmospheric workplace, enveloping users in the insular comfort of upholstered walls.

The visual and audio privacy achieved through the high-back design is conducive to tranquility and clear thinking, while the sofa’s built-in power charging outlets allow for individuals to prosper beyond the desk.

Valli Float

Valli Float responds to its placement – whether nestled straight-backed against a wall or positioned as a centrepiece for the hub of office life, it is endlessly adaptive.

Valli Drift

Valli Drift offers exclusive custom castors which glide to enable responsive reconfiguration at any point in time – whether it be for a team discussion, group presentation or solitary, focused work. In this way, these non-fixed pieces are a versatile solution, able to set and reset the pace of a workplace.

Hailing from Schiavello’s knowledge-led design approach, Valli’s release comes as workplaces and expectations of employers evolve further towards employee wellbeing. The collection responds to this shift proactively, cultivating a feeling of calm, and empowering teams to use this dedicated quiet space however serves them best: creativity, collaboratively or for rejuvenation.

Peter Schiavello

“Our purpose is to enhance the behaviours of modern professionals by facilitating their new and evolving needs,” says Peter Schiavello, Managing Director at Schiavello. “Today, employees need a considered variety of focused and collaborative environments to reflect, recharge and connect. A dedicated space, close in proximity but distant in energy.”

Valli reflects Schiavello’s current evolution, merging workplace industry expertise with polished design aesthetic and quality craftsmanship.

Nick Tennant

Design Manager of Schiavello Design Studio Nick Tennant says, “Valli has been designed for the contemporary corporate world: multi-purpose and tech-enabled in function, while tailored and structured in form. Balancing comfort and sophistication in equal measure.”

Balancing comfort and sophistication, Valli’s inset stitching detail is inspired by precise tailored clothing and has been applied with exacting perseverance, despite the pliant stretch of the fabric. Schiavello’s own ColourLab range of considered materials and finishes ensures a myriad of tailored possibilities, suitable for any work space.

After debuting at NeoCon 2023 within Schiavello’s new permanent North America showroom, the Valli Sofa collection is available now across the US. Visit for more information.

About Schiavello

Schiavello, a top 100 Australian private company built on quality, service excellence and integrity, has created and serviced world- class work and living environments for over 55 years. Dedicated to workplace innovation, the company brings a research-led design approach to intuitively foster connection, wellbeing and productivity. Collaborative and client-focused, Schiavello has worked with the world’s leading corporations across a wide range of industries including office, hospitality, health, retail, residential and education. For more information, visit