Sound Sustainability: Spinneybeck Launches Søuld Eelgrass Acoustic Panels

Søuld Baffle

Spinneybeck is thrilled to expand its natural material collection with Søuld eelgrass acoustic panels. Eelgrass, a marine plant naturally grown off the coast of Denmark, is collected after it washes ashore and, through a fully circular manufacturing process, is pressed into durable sheets. With a centuries-long lifespan, eelgrass offers an extraordinary option for sustainable wall panels and baffles that benefit the environment, all while bringing a warm and natural aesthetic to any space.

Through years of research, Danish material manufacturer Søuld developed eelgrass mats to offer the interior design industry a high-performing, natural acoustic solution as an alternative to synthetic options—helping to revive Denmark’s centuries-old tradition of collecting and drying eelgrass in the process. The use of the plant in structural design dates back to the 1600s when settlers on the Danish island of Læsø used it to forge thick roof-thatching for their homes. In a landscape with scarce resources, eelgrass was easily accessible and abundant. Today, this natural and recyclable panel takes a modern approach to the time-honored material, using state-of-the-art science and technology while preserving important aspects of Danish cultural heritage.

The organic texture of eelgrass imbues interiors with warmth and tactility. This rich, organic material has inherent traits that make it an optimal material for interiors—it brings a natural element indoors while providing excellent acoustic properties and high fire resistance. Søuld eelgrass is 100% recyclable and the products are fully circular – when no longer in use, they can be returned to become a second-generation Søuld product.

While the unique character of eelgrass panels brings visual interest to any space on its own, these natural panels can also be specified with any of FilzFelt’s 100% wool design felt in over ninety colors.

“At Søuld, we believe that the end-use must be considered to honor the story of eelgrass fully. That is why we are making products that can have a long life, be recycled, and be part of systems designed for repair, disassembly, and reuse.” – Tobias Øhrstrøm, founder of Søuld

Eelgrass at the sea – Photo credit Søuld
Læsø – Photo credit Søuld

Key Features:

Products: Søuld Baffle, Søuld + Felt Baffle, Søuld Wall, Søuld + Felt Wall, Søuld Wooden Joints

Renewable: Eelgrass is a naturally renewable resource from the sea and is collected once it washes ashore to be dried on fields with the sun and wind

Circular: Although Eelgrass has proven to last 300 years as a roofing material, when no longer in use, eelgrass is 100% recyclable and can be returned to become a second generation of Søuld product

Net Carbon Storing: Eelgrass stores carbon both during it’s time in the ocean and after it has been dried. If left to decompose, carbon would release into the atmosphere. A low impact manufacturing process results in a net carbon storing material

Acoustic: Søuld Baffle, Søuld Wall and Søuld Wooden Joints achieve an NRC rating of 0.65

Fire Resistant: Søuld eelgrass meets ASTM E84 Class A

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About Søuld

Founded by architects Tobias Øhrstrøm and Pi Fabrin, sustainable design engineers Gunnar Agerskov and Kirsten Lynge, and eelgrass thatcher Henning Johansen, Søuld is a Danish manufacturer that provides designers, architects, and contractors with sustainable and recyclable products made from eelgrass. Søuld was founded in 2010 with a mission to offer natural and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional building materials and carry on a centuries-old practice deeply rooted in Danish culture.

About Spinneybeck

Spinneybeck introduced full grain, aniline dyed Italian upholstery leather to North America more than six decades ago. Today, the product line includes innovative architectural products that highlight a range of natural materials including leather, wood, cork and eelgrass. Spinneybeck is the leader in creating timeless, hand-crafted products that are both highly customizable and sustainable.