Solomon Coyle Announces Release of Inaugural Dealer Market Outlook Report


Known for providing the best research in the industry, with a mission to support the vitality of the dealer distribution channel, Solomon Coyle is excited to provide a new perspective on the market.

Intelligence gained through the Dealer Market Outlook program reflects front-line dealer knowledge of markets across North America and is grounded in dealer sentiment regarding future expectations.

This data is collected and reported each quarter so dealers can make better (and better-timed) decisions about strategy, budgets, and staffing.

2020-Q2 Report Reveals Slight Uptick for Projected Bookings in Most Regions

An excerpt from the current 2020-Q2 report illustrates how dealer insights are providing a unique view into the state of business at the dealer level:

“The Projected Changes in Bookings from Q2 is up slightly: 2.2% for Q3, resulting in a Projected Bookings Index of 46.7 for the same period. The South and the West have the strongest outlook for Q3 with Projected Bookings Indexes of 50.9 and 48.9, respectively. Canadian dealers reported the weakest outlook at 28.0.”

The Dealer Market Outlook Survey is open to all commercial furniture dealers in North America. Dealers that complete the survey have access to the Participant Report, an enhanced version containing region-by-region survey results.

“We are very appreciative of the dealers who have participated thus far and look forward to being able to expand coverage to sub-regions as the survey grows,” states David Solomon, Solomon Coyle’s managing principal and founder. “No other industry research currently offers this focus on the dealer perspective. As more dealers participate the value to the dealer community will only grow.”

To view the report and learn more about how to participate visit: