Skyline Design’s SDX3 SmartView Film-Free Switchable Glass: A New Technology with Extreme Clarity

SDX3 is an exciting new evolution of smart glass technology to the contract market, the first to be created without a film interlayer. This means that the 7-11% visual haze that was inherent to all smart glass products is gone! In its diffused state it offers compete privacy, and in clear state, SDX3 has extreme clarity. 

Skyline Design, Chicago mainstay manufacturer of decorative architectural glass, partners with Cardinal Glass Industries, a trailblazer in glass technology for over 60 years, to proudly unveil their latest innovation to the contract market: SDX3 SmartView powered by CLiC™. Addressing the shortcomings of traditional smart glass technologies, SDX3 SmartView introduces a film-free design utilizing liquid crystal technology-setting a new standard for clarity and design flexibility in commercial spaces.

Switchable glass technology has long promised the convenience of instantly transitioning windows from clear views to privacy with the flip of a switch. However, existing solutions have fallen short with issues such as haze, fogginess, and distortion compromising the clear mode.

SDX3 SmartView employs a proprietary liquid crystal technology applied directly to glass, offering a truly clear view in the transparent mode and maintaining privacy when activated. The liquid crystals are randomly scattered in privacy mode, allowing diffused light to pass through while fully obfuscating the view. The transition to clear mode, achieved by applying an electrical charge, aligns the crystals uniformly, providing an unobstructed view like traditional glass from any angle.

Outside of its unique level of clarity, what sets SDX3 SmartView apart is its minimal energy consumption. A large pane of SDX3 glass utilizes less energy than a 25-watt lightbulb, with no limitations on the duration it can remain in clear mode. This energy efficiency, coupled with acoustical privacy, security, and UV protection, positions SDX3 as a versatile solution adaptable to various applications, seamlessly integrating into existing automation systems.

Also, unlike other Smart Glass technologies, SDX3 SmartView is 100% manufactured in the Midwest. Whether used in windows, doors, or wall systems, SDX3 SmartView switchable privacy glass offers an unparalleled combination of privacy and natural light benefits. Ideal for commercial spaces and hospitals, SDX3 redefines privacy and design flexibility in renovations or new construction projects.

About Cardinal Glass Industries

With over 60 years of innovation, Cardinal Glass Industries is the leading supplier of residential glass, known for its commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology. The introduction of CLiC Switchable Privacy Glass reaffirms Cardinal’s dedication to advancing glass solutions for modern design challenges.

About Skyline Design

Skyline Design is a Chicago-based manufacturer of interior and exterior glass and film products founded in 1983. The company works with leading architects, artists, and designers to redefine interior space with decorative glass in corporate, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare environments. Distinguished by its creative collaborations, Skyline Design has set industry standards for decades and collected numerous awards and accolades for their products.

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