Shaw Contract Introduces Dialogue



New collection fosters communication, collaboration, and connection through design

Shaw Contract, a design leader in commercial flooring solutions and surfaces, is pleased to announce the launch of Dialogue, an innovative and custom collection that celebrates the art of communication and language in its many forms. Exploring freehand writing, typography, unspoken codes, and sheet music, Dialogue is a collection focused on creating intimate environments that allow for personal and meaningful connection.

Dialogue explores the power of communication through design and seeks to create spaces that travelers want to experience culturally and in more meaningful ways with one another. As hotels expand their public spaces to be hubs for travelers, Shaw Contract recognizes the importance of building environments that celebrate individual expression, creativity through design, and face-to- face dialogue.

“Design is the language of a culture, a community, a building,” says Reesie Duncan, VP of Global Design, “and good design fosters dialogue. It can catalyze new ideas, collaboration, and innovation, and perhaps most importantly, good design builds relationships.”

Hotels seek a visual “language” that grounds them in their local community. The patterns of Dialogue were inspired by exploring the different types of spoken and unspoken communication, like writing, text, morse code, and sheet music. The deep, saturated purple of Dialogue is balanced with warm beige and taupe accents, as well as a metallic copper. Symbolizing creativity, imagination, and spirituality, purple evokes the luxury and warmth that travelers desire in hotels, lounges, and other spaces that encourage interpersonal connection, while contributing to the collection’s palette the blends seamlessly with those finishes found in the contemporary hospitality industry.

“As the ways we communicate change, dialogue is becoming more important than ever,” says Reesie Duncan. “This easily maintained, Cradle to Cradle certified collection focuses on health and wellbeing and gives clients the opportunity to design spaces that facilitate dialogue while also creating zones of comfort for guests.”

Dialogue is a completely custom solution for both public spaces and guest rooms, comprised of 42 patterns across multiple constructions. This collection showcases Shaw Contract’s newest constructions that push innovative design forward. Patterns were developed with our Tailor Tuft technology, known for its sculpted precision in 4-color and 1-color constructions, as well as our high-definition, dye-injection Canvas technology that produces tonal hues of color that are unmatched in detail and quality of design. In addition to Tailor Tuft and Canvas, the collection is also available in MLCL and Colorpoint Tiles. Dialogue is a 100% custom, high-end flooring solution.

About Shaw Contract

At Shaw Contract, we believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal, and play. We strive for design excellence in everything we do – from conception to production to installation, it’s what sets us apart. We make flooring that delivers a purposeful blend of design elements, materiality, sustainability, and performance. Every day we take on creative challenges to research, design, and innovative flooring solutions that transform spaces across the globe. For more information, please visit or call 800-257- 7429.