Selamat Introduces Florence Broadhurst Furniture and Acessories

Designs by Florence Broadhurst

Selamat Designs, a designer and manufacturer of high-end natural materials occasional furniture and accessories, announced a new strategic partnership with Signature Design Archive of Australia.

Designs by Florence Broadhurst.outdoor bistro chair
outdoor bistro chair

The exclusive licensing rights for Florence Broadhurst are held by Signature Design Archive (SDA). Florence Broadhurst’s design library, which spans two decades and includes 530 original designs, the majority of which are still undiscovered, is ready to make a statement across a broad platform. Delving deeper into the treasure trove of Broadhurst’s work, it showcases 20 themed categories including floral, Chinoiserie, animals and geometrics with each category featuring 20-25 designs. Transcending trends, Broadhurst’s designs are as relevant and captivating today as they were when
created up to 50 years ago.

Considered one of the design world’s true innovators, Florence Broadhurst’s vivid and awe-inspiring body of work has been embraced by designers wanting to make waves around the world. Charismatically fearless from word go, she spent the roaring Twenties singing across the Far East’s colonial reaches and ran a finishing school in Shanghai. In London, she became “Madame Pellier”, a French couturier proud to dress the rich and famous. She moved back to Australia as an aristocratic English lady; an entrepreneur, society figurehead and landscape painter. With every incarnation Florence became somebody new – new hair colour, new accent, new history. Even, on occasion, new name. At the age of 60 she did it again, launching in Sydney her defining venture – an internationally-successful, luxury, handprint wallpaper business. She announced she would colour Australia. In so doing she redrew the world.

“The Florence Broadhurst collection is known as one of the best 60s and 70s archives in the world and because of its richness it has a high commercial appeal,” David Lennie, the visionary force behind Sydney-based print and textile specialist says. “You admire her creative hand and the scale of the design as they were vibrant, bold and radically coloured for her time and resonate those same attributes today” explains Lennie.

Since opening up the Florence Broadhurst archives, influential design publications such as Wallpaper, Casa Vogue, Elle Decor and Time Magazine have published multi-paged elegantly styled spreads dedicated to her work.

“The Florence Broadhurst designs are boldly glamorous, contemporary and eccentric. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate partnership than to see her designs and brand interpreted into beautiful collections of furniture, lighting and wall art by Selamat. We are absolutely delighted to have formed a partnership with a company of their calibre. The collections they are planning are simply amazing and we cannot wait to see the reaction of retailers, interior designers and consumers to their interpretation of Florence Broadhurst incredible designs,” said Mark Smale, CEO of SDA.

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WHO IS FLORENCE BROADHURSTRisk-taker par excellence, style maven extraordinaire, her most exhilarating legacy is a design archive based in Sydney, Australia. Born in 1899 in a remote rural corner of Australia’s Queensland, Florence’s death was a violent murder at the age of 78. In between, she lived a series of vivid, fantastic lives. Lives impossible to recreate in today’s times.

Join SELAMAT and explore the work of Florence Broadhurst.

A short movie, “Florence Broadhurst | The Life, The Enigma, The Icon, The Legacy” may be viewed at

TO SEE THE THREE COLLECTIONS INSPIRED BY HER LIFE visit Florence Broadhurst with Selamat in High Point IH 004