SEED Evaluator Version 4.0 Released

The fourth version of the unique on-line tool guides public interest design projects through an inclusive step-by-step process of evaluation and certification of positive impact for communities

Design Corps and the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) Network are pleased to announce the release of the SEED Evaluator 4.0.

The announcement was made by Bryan Bell, a Co-founder of SEED, at the Harvard University Summit “Igniting Innovation” held on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

The main values of the SEED tool remain:

-Clear step-by-step process based on best public interest design practices
-On-line communication platform for project team and community;
-One application for SEED Certification, SEED Awards, LEED/SEED Pilot Credit;
-Provides mentoring by feedback and suggestions;
-Third party certification of valid pubic participation;
-Promotes project-based metrics and accountability;
-Creates a grant-ready application.

New features for SEED 4.0 include:

-Improvements made on user-based feedback;
-Guaranteed 6-week review turnaround;
-Supported by new Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook;
-Free student version for class and studio use;
-Compatible with mobile devices;
-Spanish instructions.

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