Sedia Systems Launches Gnosi, A Versatile New Suite of Seating Solutions

Gnosi Collaborative
Gnosi Sled Stool

Sedia Systems is introducing a thoughtfully designed new seating collection called Gnosi, a multipurpose chair with an enlightened minimalist aesthetic and a remarkably supportive and comfortable user experience.

Bearing the timeless look of classic modernism, Gnosi provides a clean and consistent appearance in any setting — from classroom to cafeteria, from auditorium to library, from corporate training room to collaborative work spaces.

Gnosi’s flowing lines and continuous curves were conceived by Marcelo Alegre of Alegre Design in Valencia, Spain. His inspiration for the design: the Danish modern sculptural fountain by Russell Secrest in the heart of Chicago’s Loop District, not far from Sedia Systems’ corporate offices.

Gnosi 4 Leg with Arms

“It was during my first visit to Chicago, during Neocon (the annual trade show for the contract furniture and interiors industry),” Alegre recalled. “During that trip, I was so impressed by the richness of Chicago’s architecture, and suddenly I found myself in front of the fountain at the Harris Bank Building. I was fascinated by the variety of shapes, the continuous lines, the flowing and organic geometry. It was this sensation that I had to translate into a new object.”

The industrial designer sought to create a shell chair “with one stroke” of the pen, mimicking the “sense of continuity and simplicity” that the fountain conveyed. “Against conventional wisdom,” Alegre added, “this approach was perfect to create a chair for everyday use with both tremendous lightness and strength.”

Gnosi Swing Away

The polypropylene shell for the Gnosi collection is available in seven colors, from anthracite to vibrant yellow. Its frame finish options include chrome, black and white. Gnosi boasts eight base options, including a fully featured “collaborative task” version with five-star base on casters and optional tablet arm and functional shelf for additional storage mounted beneath the seat.

As with many of Sedia Systems’ seating solutions, the Gnosi collection includes fixed seating applications with jury, swing-away and beam bases, in addition to four-leg, sled, task, stool, wire base and collaborative versions.

“From the first moment I sat on the Gnosi, I knew we had something special with this chair,” said Wilson Troup, founder and CEO of Sedia Systems. “We were striving to elevate the shell to a new level of design and comfort. With Gnosi, you have an incredibly adaptable solution for your entire building, providing a visually cohesive answer for a facility, whether it’s commercial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, retail or almost any conceivable setting.”

Gnosi Wire Frame

Gnosi is pronounced “know-see” and is derived from an ancient Greek noun, gnosis, that defines knowledge or insight. Troup noted that the new Gnosi collection likely will be particularly applicable to college and university settings as well as corporate training environments.

Added Alegre, the chair’s designer: “Gnosi was created as a lightweight shell with incredible strength and durability. What really surprised me is how adaptable this shell became in terms of the many different seating applications that it could be mounted on, resulting in an ideal solution for everyday use.”

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