Seattle Furniture Designer to Launch New Table and Chair at ICFF 2019

After collecting design feedback from ICFF 2018 attendees, Seattle-based LUMA Design Workshop will launch two new pieces at this year’s event.

LUMA Design Workshop, a Seattle-based furniture designer, is excited to launch two new pieces this May at ICFF 2019: The Strap Dining Table and the Silo Arm and Side Chair. The Strap Dining Table offers designers much needed flexibility as a modern communal table with a variety of size options while the Silo Arm and Side Chair is a result of a thoughtful design process which included gathering design feedback from attendees of last year’s ICFF event.

With these two new products, LUMA is excited to offer designers fresh, thoughtful and customizable furniture pieces for a variety of environments. Find LUMA within the Seattle Design section at ICFF in booth #140.

Strap Dining Table

A delicate balance of asymmetry and expert transitions of natural materials, LUMA’s Strap Dining Table comes in two standard sizes 96″ x 42″ x 29″H and 120″ x 42″ x 29″H. The 96” table seats six people, while the larger 120” option seats up to ten. Along with standard options, designers can order the Strap Dining Table in custom sizes to accommodate larger rooms within residential, hospitality and corporate environments. Additionally, the Strap Dining Table has the ability to extend (with either one or two leaves) adding additional size options and flexibility.

Materials options for LUMA’s new table include all LUMA Standard and Premium finish combinations. This years’ ICFF Strap Dining will be featured in Fumed Oak with Antique Steel. For each finish option, the transitions between materials are seamless, resulting in a lasting record of LUMA’s relationship with clean modern aesthetics and superior craftsmanship.

Silo Arm and Side Chair

The first version of LUMA’s Silo Arm and Side Chair was shown at ICFF 2018. Throughout the show, the LUMA design team collected feedback from attendees. They wanted to know how people might adjust the look or shape of the chair for optimal comfort and style.

“It’s a challenge to design and execute a dining chair in a way that people can truly relax and enjoy the chair,” said Jessica Mayer, one of the owners at LUMA Design Workshop. “We took the Silo Chair to ICFF 2018 so that we could gather all types of feedback and the feedback was extremely helpful in releasing this final version.”

After ICFF 2018, LUMA took their chair back to the drawing board, making tweaks to the seat depth and cushion density to ensure a cozy and inviting experience. The result is a new and improved version of the Silo Arm and Side Chair, complete with the suggested design updates collected at last year’s ICFF event.

The chair includes wood arms and a wood base as well as metal detailing at the back which also acts as a handle. The piece can be made with any LUMA wood and metal finish option, and the materials for the seat of the chair are fully customizable. Clients provide their own leather or fabric, allowing the Silo Arm and Side Chair to match any design or aesthetic.

About LUMA Design Workshop

LUMA Design Workshop is a collaborative effort between the interior design firm Lucas Design Associates and the custom metal fabricator Mayer Designs. Each LUMA piece represents a cooperative effort to produce innovative, classic designs from both the design and fabrication perspective. Based in the Pacific Northwest, LUMA prioritizes high quality, locally sourced materials and expert craftsmanship to produce furniture pieces that will last generations.