Scandinavian Spaces Offers Spino

The modular sofa system that is fluid in form and artful in function

Edginess with a modern flair, the slender curved angles of Spino effortlessly balance comfort and sophistication. The range of configurations paired with the style of the sofa system is what makes it so remarkable. Creating a work of art, furniture designer Stefan Borselius has mastered his craft with Spino. The system can graciously undulate across a hotel lobby with wide soft turns to become the backbone of a room. Spino also adheres to the challenges of compact spaces, with narrow corners and individual modules. Or, completely transform Spino to better suit the mod waiting room by lining the modules up straight.

In addition, the sofa system can take an extraordinary turn with the 90-degree modules – creating a system truly capable of anything. The slimmer curve equates to new possibilities for multidirectional seating solutions. Back-to-back. Eye to eye. Circle Spino all the way around. Stand alone, group together, wind across a room and back again. What makes Spino so unique? It allows you to design uniquely. Spino is the winner of a Hip Award in the Hospitality, Seating category. 

About the Company:

Scandinavian Spaces offers cutting-edge furniture and interior solutions for the modern-day work environment. With a foundation rooted in Nordic design, the brand has stayed true to its core values – COLOR. DESIGN. LIFE. Dedicated to balancing aesthetics with functionality, Scandinavian Spaces delivers unique products that embrace individual wellness for the contract market – making great design accessible to like-minded creatives. Please visit for more information.