Save A Sample! USA 2020 Has Launched!

Save A Sample! is a non-profit recycling drive which makes it easy (and fun!) for designers to donate materials and samples to local design students. Each year, we redirect over 20 tons of materials away from landfill into the hands of talented design students to use for their projects.

In 2020, our event will be held between April 7th – 9th in the following thirteen cities:

-Boston, MA
-Philadelphia, PA
-Chicago, IL
-San Diego, CA
-Cincinnati, OH
-San Francisco, CA
-Denver, CO
-Seattle, WA
-Detroit, MI
-Washington, DC
-New Haven, CT
-Wilmington, DE
-New York, NY/New Jersey

Save A Sample! 2020 announces Formica as a Sustainable Leader.

Save A Sample!, a non-profit, North American recycling drive, makes it easy (and fun!) for designers to donate materials and samples to local design schools redirecting tons of materials from landfills into the hands of talented students, artisans and artists.

“Save A Sample! is a vital part of Formica Group’s mission of sustainability,” says Amy Gath, VP of Marketing at Formica North America. “We enjoy sponsoring such an innovative organization that not only protects our landfills, but also encourages the next generation of designers to consider the environment.”

“Formica and Save A Sample! make great partners!,” says Suzanne Swift, Save A Sample!’s Founder and President of “Through our work together, we help young designers grow and we care for the environment…at the same time!”

Save A Sample! 2020 takes place April 7-9 in cities throughout the United States. Design firms, design schools and volunteer delivery teams can sign up at!

Need a home for unwanted samples today? Save A Sample! for Art is year round! Click here to learn more.

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