(Re)Introducing Studio Alliance

Meet the new Studio Alliance – the D.C.-based design and architecture firm recently revamped their brand identity, embarking on a new chapter under a new name and new leadership. Led by their people-first design philosophy, the new Studio Alliance keeps their clients at the forefront of the firm’s designs, fostering authentic relationships to guide each project.The firm, of over 20 people, now operates under the leadership of longtime member and Principal, Sherry Banaei, AIA, LEED AP, who has recently expanded her role to include Creative Director. Banaei leads the studio with the help of:

  • Lauren Caraccio, AIA | Associate Principal
  • Tom Mazcko | Associate Principal
  • Greg Weber, LEED AP, Assoc. AIA | Associate Principal

With a 30+ year heritage, yet run with a fresh leadership and design approach under Banaei, Studio Alliance serves clients across the globe, bringing a diverse expertise encompassing all sectors of the built environment. Driven by its mission to transform projects into timeless spaces, the firm employs vision-centric design strategies. As a firm with members of varying, robust backgrounds, Studio Alliance’s design proficiency spans all sectors of design, with their expertise in:

  • Employing vision-centric methods for commercial design
  • Designing the law firm of the future
  • Fusing form and function with technology
  • The need for and integration of individuality within design

…. along with a myriad of other design-related topics!

With clients across sectors, typologies, and the globe,Studio Alliance has a diverse portfolio of projects including ones for VenableUnder Armourand Insmed.


The Venable offices in Washington, D.C. are a true demonstration of how Studio Alliance designs with people at the forefront. From glass walls and open staircases to adaptable workstations and treadmill desks – every component of the space was hand-picked to reflect the company’s office objectives: community & wellness.


Since their first collaboration with Under Armour in 2008, Studio Alliance has completed over 500,000 square feet of work globally for the sportswear brand with projects in Amsterdam, Manchester, Toronto and across the US.


Studio Alliance’s design for the Insmed headquarters was driven by the pharmaceutical company’s purpose to help others lead better lives. From the facility’s curated path through each floor, every space within Insmed’s HQ reveals more about the organization’s culture, purpose and impact on health.