PurOptima Launches Revolution 100, a Low Carbon Option for Workspaces

Durability, aesthetics, and acoustic performance in a high-quality, low-carbon aluminum framework

PurOptima, the leading manufacturer of premium glass wall partitions and door systems, announces the launch of Revolution 100 in the U.S. Revolution 100 is a stunning dry-jointed system that can be single or double-glazed, allowing you to maintain the same visual appearance across a workspace while addressing varying acoustic requirements. In its single-glazed form, the glazing is offset, with discreet glass-to-glass joints between the glazed panels.

Revolution 100 Shoreditch Edition is an enhanced version of this acoustic product and features a slimline aluminum mullion framework. Bonded to the glass it thereby retains the structural stability and acoustic performance of the glass partition, while giving the appearance of cutting through the glass.

Demountable Glass Walls: Completely adaptable, Revolution 100 glass walls mean this unique glass wall can be easily adapted between single- or double-glazed systems to accommodate our client’s changing design requirements. Modular in nature, all our glass walls are fully reusable, including Revolution 100. We can safely demount, relocate, and reinstall this glass wall solution time after time, offering clients a smart way to reuse our systems and extend the product lifecycle by utilizing the circular economy. Revolution 100 offers an adaptable wall solution where solid demountable walls (of the designer’s choice) can be incorporated into the glass partition wall solution.

Acoustic Performance: Revolution 100 can achieve up to Rw40dB with 1 layer of 9/16” thick acoustic laminate glass (Single Glazed) and up to Rw51dB with 2 layers of 1/2″ thick acoustic laminate glass (Double Glazed). All of our glass wall partitioning products are fully tested and certified by third-party assessors to offer ground-breaking acoustic ratings. As leaders of the glass partition acoustic revolution, we know how important it is to give our clients accurate and verified acoustic test data. Full test reports for each of our products are freely available on request.

Deflection: This versatile system can incorporate a number of extruded aluminum deflection heads. Both inner and outer deflection heads are available, to suit your design intent, and can accommodate up  ±0.98” / ±1.57” deflection to resolve building movement extending the life of the Revolution 100 system. If there is no deflection, a simple ±0.98”  or 1.96” extruded aluminum head channel is all that is required. The aluminum base channel can either be 0.98” or 1.96” deep, depending upon your desired aesthetic.

Revolution 100 single glazing can accommodate glass panels up to 59.05” wide, subject to height, configuration, and site logistics.

Sustainable: PurOptima has introduced Hydro CIRCAL aluminum across all its glass and aluminum wall partitions and doors. Hydro CIRCAL is a new brand of sustainable aluminum, made with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap, which minimizes the carbon footprint of the products in which it’s used and makes it a significantly more sustainable option than all other aluminum products currently on the market. Recycling aluminum requires just 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum, drastically reducing the amount of energy required. This benefit is then passed onto PurOptima’s glass partitions and doors, greatly reducing their embodied carbon, reflecting the company’s ongoing aim to become a low-emission partitions manufacturer. Furthermore, Hydro CIRCAL’s arrival also demonstrates its commitment to circular economic principles, which sits at the heart of PurOptima’s business model. It’s another key milestone in their journey towards sustainable development and reducing their carbon footprint to zero. Fully traceable and independently third-party certified, it’s a game-changer for the PurOptima product portfolio. With this pioneering move to Hydro CIRCAL, PurOptima is now being recognized as a leader in driving real sustainable change in the commercial interior design industry and has won the Metropolis 2023 Planet Positive Award in the Wall and Ceiling category.

Kevin Mayer, U.S. Country Manager for PurOptima explains, “Currently U.S. produced aluminum has an embodied carbon of 16kgCO2e per kg, compared with a European average of 8.6KgCO2e. Contrastingly Hydro CIRCAL aluminum exclusively available in the U.S. in PurOptima’s glass wall partitioning systems has an embodied carbon of just 2.3kgCO2e which is a massive benefit for clients. We have already been able to make significant carbon reductions for clients looking to reduce their carbon footprint.”

For more information on PurOptima’s Revolution 100, click here.

About PurOptima

PurOptima is the U.S. division of Optima, a global leading manufacturer of sustainable interior glass wall partition systems and doors headquartered in the UK. Founded in 1986, Optima is one of the world’s most respected, experienced, and sustainable global commercial glass wall partitioning experts. Optima manufactures in the UK and Malaysia and takes pride in offering exceptional service and beautifully designed, bespoke glass wall partitions and doors that exude quality and performance. Services range from design through to installation including specification advice with an emphasis on acoustic expertise.