PurOptima Launches Its Premium Glass Wall Partitions and Door Systems in the U.S.

World-leading sustainable acoustic glass partition and wall system specialists launch new U.S.-dedicated brand, PurOptima

Optima Systems, the leading manufacturer of premium glass wall partitions and door systems, announces its entry into the U.S. non-residential building design, construction, and real estate development market as PurOptima. The British organization, which has already established itself successfully across the UK, Australia, Asia, and EMEA regions, sees this move as another important step in its journey to becoming the number one choice for glass partitioning solutions globally.

PurOptima has appointed Benhar Office Interiors (BOI) as its first U.S. Project Delivery Partner, responsible for the New York City metropolitan market. BOI, one of New York City’s most trusted building interior solutions providers, has a steadfast commitment to excellence across its entire operation. Entering into a partnership with PurOptima is the result of a shared ambition across both companies to introduce the U.S. commercial design and real estate market to the highest quality, most sustainable glass wall partitions and door solutions currently available.

At launch, PurOptima will offer a core range of their award-winning single and double-glazed partitions, including Optima 117 Plus, Revolution 54 Plus, Revolution 100, as well as their innovative solid wall solution, the Adaptable Wall. PurOptima will also offer a range of acoustic glass door systems including the Edge, Axile, and Kinetic series, as well as their selection of Timber door options.

“Bringing the Optima brand into the U.S. market has been a longstanding ambition. We are particularly keen to show contractors, specifiers, and building owners how choosing our glass wall systems will deliver maximum ROI, on so many levels, from striking aesthetic design to market-leading acoustic performance and carbon savings,” says Christian Mabey, Managing Director of Optima Products Limited. “New York City, with its vibrant and well-established commercial construction scene, was a strategically obvious place to start, allowing us to test the market and establish our reputation locally before exploring further expansion in the territory.”

PurOptima’s entry into the U.S. market comes after several major announcements across the wider Optima Systems family, including the organization’s decision to switch its aluminum supply to low-carbon Hydro CIRCAL, a unique type of certified low-carbon aluminum made with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap. This important innovation is helping the company reduce its carbon footprint, as global business and industry move closer to Net Zero 2050.

The company will operate out of the U.S., with BOI managing new and existing client relationships as well as installation. The partnership between PurOptima and BOI is a perfect match, with both organizations sharing a commitment to developing the most sustainable solutions in the market and enhancing the future of the built environment. Having worked on interior glass wall partition projects for the likes of AECOM Tishman, LinkedIn, KPMG, and Estee Lauder, it’s become the supplier of choice for industry-leading architects, interior designers, fit-out contractors, and building owners in this category.

“It’s so exciting to be involved as PurOptima’s inaugural Project Delivery Partner. There’s so much synergy between the two organizations, particularly a shared goal to deliver the highest quality commercial interiors to clients. We can’t wait to bring purOptima products into the U.S. for the first time and introduce the market to a premium proposition that will take their office space to the next level,” says Mark Benhar, Founder of BOI.

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About Optima Systems Founded in 1986, Optima Systems is one of the world’s most respected, experienced, and sustainable global commercial glass wall and partitioning experts. It manufactures in the UK and Malaysia and takes pride in offering exceptional service and beautifully designed, bespoke partitions and doors which exude quality and performance. Services range from design through to installation including specification advice with an emphasis on acoustic expertise.

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