Pulp Studio Adds Learning Center to Website

Pulp Studio.Learning Center

Pulp Studio, the Los Angeles based manufacturer or architectural glass, announces an addition to their website called the “Learning Center”. The Learning Center features a selection of streaming videos helpful to architects and those in the glazing industry. These videos will serve to educate viewers on basic knowledge of where glass comes from or how Low-E glass works, among other topics. Pulp Studio CEO, Bernard Lax, said “In an effort to build a better educational system we decided to collect as many videos as we could find that help discuss and educate people about how things work or how they are made when it comes to glass. By putting all these videos in one place it makes them easier to find them”.

Pulp Studio has stated that they will continue to post videos as they find them and welcomes contributions from any source interested in having their video posted on the Learning Center. The new Learning Center can be reached at the following address: http://www.pulpstudio.com/learning-center/

About Pulp Studio

Pulp Studio,¬†a pioneer in the glass industry, has been committed to the¬†technical development¬†and manufacturing of specialty glass products since 1996.¬†¬†With a proven track¬†record¬†of notable projects over the past twenty years, both national and international the Los Angeles based company¬†is recognized for¬†producing superior architectural glass products.¬†In addition to the PINTURA series of coated glass, Pulp Studio also offers laminated glass¬†with a variety of decorative interlayers¬†as well as a large selection of patterned and custom glass applications,¬†all produced in¬†their Los Angeles factories.¬† Pulp Studio¬†also¬†provides¬†safety glass with enhanced UV protection, sound attenuation and superior maintenance qualities.¬†They are¬†unique not only in their variety of glass materials, ¬†¬†but also¬†for¬†their commitment to servicing¬†architects’¬†and designers’¬†needs¬†in¬†compliance with environmental regulations¬†and building codes.¬† www.pulpstudio.com