Hightower Collaborates with Designer Anne Boysen on Toward Collection

Aligning with upcoming spring events, Hightower releases to the U.S. market the Toward seating collection, an innovative and design-forward collection developed by award-winning Danish architect and designer Anne Boysen.

After initially connecting through a mutual acquaintance, Boysen and Hightower CEO Natalie Hartkopf met and soon realized they both shared a vision for quality craftsmanship, sustainability, and products that stand the test of time. Through further collaboration, they decided to expand Boysen’s sofa Toward, a residential seating solution she developed in 2012, into an expansive modular seating line for widespread use in the contract market. Boysen and Hightower Studio Director of Design Shawn Sowers, along with the entire Hightower Studio design team, reimagined the original sofa and created the revitalized version and full collection offered today.

“My vision when first designing Toward in graduate school was about looking toward the future,” Boysen explained. “Ten years ago I was considering how the next big thing would be flexibility. And now that’s still the main focus for the future. The way we work today and how we live life outside of work is not as separate as it was before.”

Anne Boysen

Boysen and Hightower’s shared visions for creating beautiful, long-lasting furniture aligned perfectly for the new modular collection. “Toward leans into many of Hightower’s core values: intentional design and quality, responsibly made products, and generally designing to delight with a unique aesthetic that stands out,” Hartkopf said. “We look forward to this launch and are optimistic about the future of Toward thanks to our collaboration with Anne.”

Hightower’s Toward collection has two standalone sofa variations and a modular offering that includes 17 unique modules and three tables. Optional movable armrests can help to either create personal space or allow users to work directly with people sharing the sofa. Power add-ons help facilitate extended productivity time. The different shapes and heights that comprise Toward were inspired by the topography of mountain landscapes. Toward’s back pitch, tufted seat cushion, seat height, and depth create a level of comfort often missing in contract lounge furniture.

Toward is ideal in various commercial settings, including corporate lobbies, hospitality environments, and other places where collaboration is key. “I feel like it can work almost anywhere,” Boysen noted. “But I see Toward doing especially well in workspace or education, as well as open spaces like reception or waiting areas. Smaller rooms focused on wellness would work well too, including mothers’ rooms. What I find very interesting is that Toward is beautiful from any angle, including when you see it from behind. So you can place it in the middle of the room, which is not something that can be done with many sofas.”

Hightower has taken the steps to earn Red List Free and Indoor Advantage Gold certifications for Toward. In addition, it is 400lb drop-tested. The tufted seat cushion also exemplifies the high standard of durable upholstery for which Hightower is known.

“To be honest, the world doesn’t need more furniture; what we need is better furniture,” Boysen said of Hightower’s efforts for sustainable, durable, quality products. “And we need to design furniture that can last for a very long time. When I learned about Hightower’s mission I said, ‘Finally somebody understands that when we launch a new product we need every detail to be perfected so the product can last for a very long time.’ This whole experience has been like coming home. Finally, someone understands my mission!”

For additional details about Hightower, please visit hightower.design. Learn more about Anne Boysen’s work on her website, anneboysen.dk/.

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