Product and Design News from Ege Carpets

Rugs by Ege Carpets

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Rugs by Ege Carpets.

Rugs by Ege transcend textiles. They are Islands: Islands of calm in everyday busyness, Islands of focus in an open office, Islands of fun for guests on a cruise ship, and Islands of opulence and luxury in the hotel lobby, hallway, or suite.

The rug stands as a pivotal element in interior design, transforming spaces with minimal effort and cost across commercial spaces. In the sea of concrete, hardwood, and ceramics, Ege Carpets’ Rugs can be customized and tailored to preference. Alternatively, customers can select from curated collections by internationally acclaimed designers. As with all Ege Carpets’ products, the Rug concept reinforces the brands’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. For additional information, visit –

Ege Carpets continues Tom Dixon collaboration at 3daysofdesign

Building upon Dixon’s Industrial Landscape collection first launched in 2016, Ege Carpets once again partnered with the British designer for an exclusive installation during 3daysofdesign, held in Copenhagen last June. The 3dod Dixon venue showcased Ege Carpets and Tom Dixon’s efforts into a stunning installation with custom carpet spanning from the floor and up the walls to stage iconic designs. The carpet installation was beautifully colour coordinated with a bright orange Dixon lamp as the focal point. The vibrant carpet then faded into beige, demonstrating the capabilities of Ege Carpets’ advanced colouring technology. To that end, there was also a nature inspired carpet included in the exhibition. For information on the ongoing work between Tom Dixon and Ege Carpets,  visit

56 Eco-colours by Margrethe Odgaard

Working with the interaction between colours, materials, light and space, textile designer and color alchemist Margrethe Odgaard has developed 56 ever relevant colours for several Eco collections with Ege Carpets. The palette comprises social colours that complement and lift each other, while featuring individual diva colours that stand out and add vibrant dynamics. Odgaard works with colours from an overall sensory approach and believes that interiors created with the intention of nourishing the body and soul can have a noteworthy positive effect. For more details, visit