Prismatic by Lutron showing next week at Dubai Design Week and Light 22 in London in November

Lutron Prismatic Manchester

Lutron’s global undertaking, Prismatic is a traveling installation targeting the A+D community that gives design professionals the opportunity to see and experience light in a meaningful and innovative way. With world-renowned landmarks present in the background, London, the Eiffel Tower, and Manchester Cathedral, and other locales forthcoming, the custom-designed, interactive, dichroic cube (made with translucent walls) illuminates spaces and structures with shimmering, iridescent light.

Light and shadow from the cube, both reflect and interact with design and architecture, creating an intricate play that not only changes when controls are adjusted, but also with the time of day, and the interior and city scape that surrounds the piece. Guests can go inside the cube, experiencing the lighting from indoors and outside, and also have the chance to operate the controls and adjust the lighting and shading, expressing a full range of settings in person and endless creativity in color – all achievable through use of tunable white lighting.

Prismatic will be on exhibition during Dubai Design Week November 8-13 and will also be on view at Light 22 in London November 22 and 23.

More details in the full press release below:

Lutron Prismatic Madrid
Lutron Prismatic Tate Modern London

Lutron Unveils PRISMATIC – an Interactive Experience Targeting the Architecture and Design Community

PRISMATIC offers designers the opportunity to experience the transformation that light brings to the built environment in a unique and immersive event 

Lutron Electronics, the world leader in architectural lighting and shading solutions, introduces the unique opportunity for design community members to experience light via PRISMATIC – A Lutron By Design Experience.  

The immersive pop-up installation traveled last spring and is making its way across Europe, hosting architects, lighting designers, and interior designers at locations of cultural + design significance, including:


  • The Tate Modern Art Museum in London, UK
  • Manchester Cathedral in Manchester, UK
  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Palacio De Los Duques Gran Meliá in Madrid

FALL 2022 (with guest speaker Cecilia E. Ramos, Sr. Director, Architectural Market at Lutron)

  • The Palazzo Serbelloni in Milan (Sept. 29)
  • Dubai Design Week (Nov. 8-13)
  • Light 22 London (Nov. 22-23)

The event enables the architecture and design community to experiment with light in a bespoke dichroic cube, its iridescent qualities shimmering under the glow of Lutron lighting and controls.

The cube is hand-built inside the select European architectural icons. Together the installations knit together a story of how Lutron Athena controls can transform both historic and modern spaces and elevate design. The translucent walls of the cube offer a view through to each city’s picturesque skyline or the intricate architecture of the host’s interior. The play of light and shadow, reflection and translucency allow the cube to dynamically engage with its surroundings changing throughout the event depending on how it’s lit. At times it appears as a lantern of light within the space while at other times, its reflective properties dissolve the materiality.

When the Lutron shades are lowered, the cube becomes a magical escape – an intimate interaction between light, color, and the guests inside – shielded from the bustling party that surrounds it.

Designers enjoy the chance to “paint” with light, adjusting color temperature, intensity, and layers of light to create unique lighting scenes via the Lutron Lighting Designer App, even saving their lighting creations for the pop-up structure.

“As architects, as designers, we have a vision about what the space is going to look like, and feel like — what we want it to be for the client based on what they need,” said Thomas Hoepf, Global Design Director at EXP. “And while we can work with [our client] to set the scenes for various times and activities they might be planning throughout the course of the day or course of the week, [with Athena] they have the flexibility to almost step-in that design role and really customize the lighting to fit their needs. So, to me, that’s pretty amazing.”

As any designer will tell you, to meet their creative potential, they need to interact and experiment with solutions before they deploy them. PRISMATIC provides the design community with this and enables them to envision the application of the technology in their own projects, as well as discuss the solutions’ possibilities with product experts.

“It was really interesting to understand the light and the change, and [to see] what’s available,” said Christine Tucker, designer & President and NEWH, The Hospitality Network who attended the Paris event. “I had no idea that it [the lighting system] was that easy to manipulate – because you think of an engineer. It was interesting to see that it can be done by anyone.”

PRISMATIC showcases Lutron’s new Athena solution – a simple and flexible lighting and shading control solution that puts the power to personalize light in the palm of your hands. Athena marries best-in-class control, unparalleled flexibility, and simple app-based setup in a lighting and shades control solution that is ideally suited to handle the evolving needs of commercial spaces throughout the world.

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