Poltrona Frau Launches Bay System with Foster + Partners

Designed in close collaboration between Poltrona Frau and Foster + Partners, Bay System is a modular seating system designed to be endlessly configured for varying needs. Designed to suit a range of spatial layouts and waiting spaces, this seating system is particularly suited to cater to transportation infrastructure and design such as throughout airports and train stations. Beyond its enduring design capabilities for the transportation sector, Bay System is equally suited to commercial, education and healthcare spaces where a flexible seating solution is needed for individuals or groups experiencing moments of waiting is needed.

Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau, said: “We are proud to present this new chapter of the collaboration between Poltrona Frau and Foster + Partners, with whom we have been pursuing a joint effort in the development of new design and creative landscapes for public spaces. This represents an important area of interest for the brand, which has already completed more than 5,000 public spaces projects with its Custom Interiors business unit and is constantly committed to researching innovative design solutions. With the pandemic, we faced headwinds in this segment but the recovery is underway and we are responding with great dynamism and efficient solutions to meet the needs of public spaces around the globe. The Bay System project surely represents for us an important milestone in meeting such needs.”

Mike Holland, Senior Partner and Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners, adds: “We spent time analyzing how people occupy waiting spaces – from large groups to solo individuals. This process informed the design of the new system, which is all about choice, comfort and craft. Bay System offers a flexible one-stop-shop solution for different seating needs.”

The system comprises of two main ranges – Bay Gate and Bay Lounge – that have been designed to offer different levels of ergonomic support and privacy. The primary structure is common between the two systems, with twin central beams creating a simple support for a single row or two rows of seats. The area between the two beams conceals space for cabling and provides space to integrate future technologies. Power sockets, induction charging for phones, personal screens and lighting fixtures can all be integrated in a plug-and-play manner, allowing for infinite flexibility.

The seats vary across the two ranges. Bay Gate provides efficient, high-density seating for areas with short wait times, such as boarding gates. It is made entirely of hard-wearing, recyclable materials such as nylon, with an ergonomically moulded plastic seat and slim armrest. Bay Lounge’s curved seating is based on in-depth studies to understand how people like to sit when they are unaccompanied or in small and large groups. Taking a tailored approach, the system offers a range of layouts with varying levels of comfort, enclosure and privacy. It features a wider cushioned seat and premium finishes for longer periods of rest and relaxation. Due to the versatility of its configuration, Bay Lounge is suitable not only for airports, but also for other public spaces such as campuses, offices, health clinics, hotels, malls, museums and meeting rooms, transforming the way people experience waiting moments.


The entire system is fully demountable, allowing components to be separated, reconfigured and replaced, extending the relevance and lifespan of the range. Its compact packaging allows for efficient shipping and storage and its recyclable material qualities and dismantling properties allow for efficient end-of-life recycling.

Its unlimited choice of layouts, broad palette of modular elements and materials, and ease of installation make Bay System a compelling choice for designers, specifiers and transport terminal operations around the world.

For those traveling to Milan for Salone del Mobile and Milan Design Week in April, Bay System will be on display at the Poltrona Frau Flagship Store, Via Manzoni 30.