Plural Studios to Launch Avila Healthcare Furniture Collection by Brian Graham at HCD Expo in San Antonio

New modular seating collection enhances design and comfort with a wide array of chair, sofa, table, arm, and leg options.

Brian Graham

Plural Studios, an independent and family-owned commercial furniture brand, announces the launch of Avila, a highly adaptable seating system for healthcare, corporate, hospitality, and market-defying end-use applications. The collection is designed by industry luminary Brian Graham, known for his elegant commercial design of casegoods, seating, furniture systems, and lighting, among others. Plural will officially launch Avila at the Healthcare Design Conference and Expo in San Antonio October 9-11 in Booth 1013.

Plural believes there is more than one solution to providing thoughtful furniture solutions. For their inaugural collection, they began by challenging Graham to reconsider typical healthcare archetypes that often concentrate on manufacturer-centered quotas and metrics. Instead, they asked Brian to consider how his elegant integration of form and function could inform a refreshing and empathetic approach to healthcare seating solutions. According to Plural’s Founding Partner, Anthony Brandt, “With Avila, we wanted to make beautiful furniture for people at some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives, like being in waiting areas or in patient rooms. These situations are so tense, so why are people sitting on something that looks and feels stressful and sad? That is all backwards.”

Inspired by the mantra, “Beauty is Healthy,” the Plural team and Brian Graham’s design criteria for Avila begins and ends with people, both the individuals that use the system and those that specify it for healthcare and other commercial settings. Graham’s take on the collection’s design is inspiring, “I felt the time was right to introduce a tailored, modern sensibility to healthcare furniture. It was important to me that the collection embodied a sense of dignity and humanity, so I strove to create furniture that, upon first glance, would convey an appealing presence with a sense of inherent comfort.”

Avila is a quintessential modular lounge seating system that can be tailored in infinite forms to enhance design and function in any space. Configurations abound with connecting high back, low back, straight, and curved seating in multiple lengths. Additional options include wood or metal legs and a variety of arm designs. Avila tables include a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Integrated clean-outs and solid surface components also provide highly functional healthcare applications with inherent qualities to promote wellbeing.

As Barbara Brandt, Plural’s Founding Partner, eloquently states, “Plural is creating products, like Avila, that provide comfort, and their aesthetic beauty is calming. How often does furniture have a chance to really impact how someone feels and how quickly they heal, both physically and emotionally?

Avila Features and Options

The Avila lounge furniture series offers a wide array of shapes and components for endless configurations in both public and private spaces.

Replaceable Upholstery

Avila is designed to perform beautifully for multiple life cycles and maximum value. All cushioned products feature standard field-replaceable upholstery to easily create a healthy and sustainable choice for healthcare seating.

Flute Design Option

Avila seat backs are offered in an optional horizontal flute for added elegant detailing.


The Avila system includes a simple ganging leg component that easily connects seats and tables for unlimited configuration options.

Leg Options

Avila’s elegantly tapered legs are available in both wood and metal options. Legs are offered as a ganging version to share between two adjacent units or as single legs to create freestanding furniture.


Avila seating features beautifully integrated push-through clean-outs between the seat and back to insure ease of cleaning and carefree maintenance.

Molded and Upholstered Arms

Avila design options include elegant molded arms in both wood and solid surface. Upholstered arms can also be attached at the end or between seating units.

Seam Detailing

Avila’s upholstered seams feature an elegantly tailored top-stitch with exceptional attention to detail.

Avila Lounge Chair w Center Upholstered Arm
Avila Lounge Chair w Molded Wood Arms, Detail

Specifying Material Emotion

Plural collaborated with Laura Guido-Clark of LOVE GOOD COLOR to create a holistic palette of finishes and textiles that empower designers to specify with intentional joy. Our material solutions lead to discovery with endless combinations of color, 628 graded-in textiles and COM, 21 wood finishes, 20 laminates, 13 powder coats, 8 solid surfaces, and more.

Understanding there is more than one point-of-entry into the specification process, Laura and her team created an experiential approach to Plural’s textiles and finishes, “We thought about the experience of moving from one material to the next, leading the specifier on a journey with choices that were never-ending.”

Plural believes different markets and applications require intentional material and emotional solutions. With this in mind, Guido-Clark translated Plural’s materials and finishes into various emotive palettes designed for the diverse needs of human spaces. Each emotive palette includes three different material compositions as an inspiring launching point for specifying Plural products.

According to Laura, some of the emotive palettes can be considered from the following perspective:

Fulfilled, Inclusive, and Collaborative

Color and materials in these accessible palettes satiate you with comfort to deliver an overall feeling of calm with a collective sigh.

Intentional and Empathic

There is a monochromatic solidity, yet softness, to the intentional and empathetic palettes that create a sense of belonging and purpose.

Inspired, Joyful, and Optimistic

The color and materials are alive and energetic in these palettes, signaling a creative wake-up call where joy and positivity abound.

Avila Double Sided High Back Sofa

Made in America for Multiple Lifecycles

Like all Plural Studios products, Avila is hand made by fine craftsmen in America, and all of our materials are responsibly sourced here as well. Plural’s primary objective is to design and produce beautiful, incredibly durable, furniture that withstands the test of time and can be repurposed for more than one lifecycle. One way we achieve this goal is to offer our Avila collection with removable and field-replaceable upholstery covers as a standard feature at no upcharge – because it’s the right thing to do. This routine gesture, alone, can extend the life of Avila seating for many years. Avila designer, Brian Graham, agrees: “It’s the integrity of craftsmanship that matters, from the internal frame all the way out.”

About Plural Studios

Plural Studios creates adaptive and sustainable furniture solutions that bring people together. Our products are made-by-hand to exceed expectations for design, quality, comfort, value, and on-time delivery. The many talented people we collaborate with to design, build, and create furniture solutions inspire our brand mantra – more than one.

Plural also defines the versatility and multifunctional use of our products throughout a wide variety of commercial spaces. From healthcare and hospitality to corporate, retail and beyond, we deliver adaptable solutions that are functional, desirable, and sustainable.

Plural bases its business culture on steadfast principles. We are committed to our environment, our people, and our economic strength. We believe in delighting our clients by providing adaptable furniture solutions that make a positive impact on the economy and society at large.