Peter Pepper Products: Recommendations for Covid-19, Reopening of the Workplace

Peter Pepper has just released their new ‘Playbook’ on Recommendations for Covid-19, Reopening of the Workplace. This Playbook is a guide for many PDQ products to be considered for the ‘new normal’, as we start to transition back to the workplace. There are many design and product considerations that can be used when workers return to the office, including products for social distancing. At Peter Pepper, we believe social distancing can be incorporated into new or existing office spaces by orientation, division and reconfiguration of workstations, benching, desking and open plan space, using portable folding and fixed space dividers and privacy screens. In addition, Peter Pepper has introduced desktop screens in acrylic with or without transaction pass-through, fabric, laminate and other materials. Download Playbook here.

Additional healthFIRST® Infection Prevention Centers promote the use of personal protection products, reducing the risk of cross contamination. Models for public waiting and reception areas include dispensers for sanitizer, masks and tissues. Trash and recycling receptacles, magazine/literature racks and poster holders for health-related messages are available. Visit

Link to Statement on Peter Pepper and COVID-19: