Paola Pivi and Moroso Unveil Limited Edition “MILANO”

Vivacious Italian visual artist Paola Pivi on Mar. 1 unveiled her latest technicolor masterpiece, MILANO at Moroso’s recently opened flagship showroom in New York.

An exciting collaboration between Pivi, the internationally renowned Perrotin Art Gallery, and Moroso’s experimental More-So division, MILANO is emblematic of the magic that happens when the worlds of iconic Italian design and provocative contemporary art collide.

An alluring masterwork, MILANO is best experienced in person—guests are encouraged to don protective slippers and gloves and hop inside to experience a relaxing and energizing respite from the outside world. MILANO will be on display at Moroso (105 Madison Avenue) through May 15. It is available for purchase as a limited edition piece.

Paola Pivi x More-So: MILANO

Presented in collaboration with Perrotin Art Gallery and utilizing Moroso’s captivating materials, Paola Pivi’s MILANO is playful and magnetic. A multi-colored stack of abundant velvet mattresses, the upper section is suspended in space. The accessible space between the two halves is broad and comfortable, while simultaneously new and intriguing, creating an empty passageway that viewers are free to fill or contemplate.

It’s an exclusive concept imagined by Paola Pivi and executed in collaboration with Moroso’s experimental division, More-So. Also known as Moroso’s Gallery of Wonders, More-So operates in the creative space between prototyping and industrial production and collaborates with visionaries to develop one-of-a-kind or limited-edition furnishings and objects.

Paola Pivi’s Milano was exhibited for the first time in April 2022 in the personal exhibition Paola Pivi: I Want It All, curated by José Carlos Diaz at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, USA. This piece was manufactured by Moroso in Italy, in consultation with the artist and in collaboration with Perrotin New York.

Images from Opening Reception March 1 at Moroso’s NYC Flagship Showroom: