Panolam® Surface Systems Introduces Yesteryears™ Collection

Retro-inspired surfaces designs celebrate 80 years of the Nevamar Brand

Panolam Surface Systems, a leading supplier of integrated surface solutions, introduced the Yesteryears™ Collection, a mix of 20 new and retro designs which include rich woodgrains, abstracts and solids that are inspired by some of Nevamar’s most popular patterns throughout the past 80 years.

Fresh enough for use in today’s interiors, these designs combine form and function providing a certain sense of nostalgia that creates an immediate connection between the design and the user.

“The Yesteryears Collection is a grouping of 20 new designs: 14 for Nevamar and 6 new Inspira™ Digital to add to the mix,” said Wendy Noory, Director of Design, for Panolam Surface Systems. “In researching the brand’s history, we discovered an old Nevamar chain set on Retro Renovation, a website that features vintage design items, and several of the Yesteryears styles are inspired by these designs from this 1950’s chain set.”

Offered in both High Pressure and FRL® Fiber Reinforced Laminates, the Yesteryears™ Collection is suitable for many market segments including corporate, retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

Yesteryears Styles

Turquoise Kinetic

Kinetic – relating to or resulting from motion – A stylized, non-directional abstract pattern in 4 colorways that are unique to the mid-century modern time period yet contemporary in today’s standards.

Raffia – has a woven wicker appearance; available in 3 colorways – Gold Mini Raffia, Aqua Mini Raffia, and Tangerine Mini Raffia.

Blushing Pink, Pear Green, Marigold Fields and Soft Island Breeze are four new solids to coordinate with the woodgrains and abstracts from the Yesteryears™ Collection. These colors will make you feel as you just stepped into this time period yet fresh enough for usage in today’s interiors.

The new Inspira™ Digital pattern, Boomerang is a historic replica of the original boomerang; a popular parabolic or amoeba-shaped design motif that was popular during the MCM movement and is offered in 2 colorways.

Mid-Mod Walnut – This woodgrain is a Black Walnut, historic to the time of MCM. Multiple tones of light to medium with cathedrals, graining and subtle knots. They will blend with the abstracts and solids to create harmonious balance. Doors, cabinetry, and furniture will look amazing in this new walnut woodgrain.


Noun – an admirer or student of the German-born architect and designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or his work.
Adjective – relating to or characteristic of the German-born architect and designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or his work. Term is derived from the sparse style of architect and designer, Mies Van der Rohe; he is regarded as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. This linear woodgrain in a deep, cognac color with subtle variations of tone. This engineered wood simulates a teak wood which was very popular during this time period.

Planetree Maple
A simple, elegant maple in a cream tone. An open woodgrain with very subtle graining and minimal knots. This woodgrain has a Scandinavian feel and perfect for the MCM collection.

Venus 2 is a new Inspira™ Digital pattern and a replica of the original 1950’s Venus pattern. Starbursts and dots randomly placed to create a fun, retro design in 2 colorways.

Odenton Neon Lights

The new Inspira Digital pattern Odenton is a colorful, bold retro design that leans towards the later time period of the beginning 60’s movement. Two colorways to coordinate with our new solids and abstracts.

About Panolam

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