Pallas Textiles Is Graded In On Herman Miller Furniture

Pallas Textiles is pleased to announce that Pallas fabrics are now graded in on Herman Miller brands. As part of the Pallas Textiles Manufacturer’s Alliance Program, this strategic partnership will simplify the specification process of Pallas designs on Herman Miller products.

“At Pallas, we pride ourselves on forming meaningful partnerships with manufacturers who share our commitment to exceptional quality and service,” said Dean Lindsley, vice president of Pallas Textiles. “With this alliance, we’re excited to streamline the specification process for our shared customers and empower them to make confident choices throughout the design process.”

Herman Miller joins more than 20 strategic partners in the Pallas Textiles Manufacturer’s Alliance Program. Through this program, Pallas upholsteries will be pre-tested and approved for use on Herman Miller products. In addition to streamlining the specification process, the program expedites the manufacturing process and provides strategic partners with access to a portfolio of timeless, high-quality upholsteries and panel fabrics.

As an added benefit of this strategic partnership, Pallas Textiles is now a part of Herman Miller’s Supplier Connection Program, a platform that automates the COM procurement process on behalf of the customer. Customers can contact their local Herman Miller dealership for further details.

About Pallas Textiles

Being genuine is as important today as it ever was. From the quality of our materials, to the authenticity of our people, we are true to who we are and the creations that bear our name. Pallas Textiles fuses the art of weaving with today’s modern techniques and fibers into sophisticated, stylish and timeless upholsteries, panel fabrics and privacy curtains that continually evolve in color, pattern and texture. Pallas Textiles is headquartered in Green Bay, Wis. For more information, visit