The Original: Stories from Vitra About the Power of Good Design

The Vitra story began in 1953 when the founder Willi Fehlbaum met the designers Charles and Ray Eames. Launched to produce design originals, the company has dared to innovate ever since.
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Panton Chair

If just one person believes in you
Most furniture manufacturers dismissed the prototype of Verner Panton’s chair as unstable, but Rolf Fehlbaum disagreed. Vitra technicians figured out how to make it stand, and the rest is history.
The story of the Panton Chair


When a collaborative process is much more than just a working experience
The partnership between the Belgian architect and interior designer Maarten Van Severen and Vitra Chairman Emeritus Rolf Fehlbaum began in 1994 with a fax. Proposing they collaborate in an “industrial spirit,” the designer aimed to produce THE chair, THE table, THE shelf unit.
The story of the .03

Tip Ton

When designers can’t sit still
School children used to be expected to sit up straight and keep quiet; now they’re encouraged to lean forward and contribute. Ed Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Tip Ton chair was designed to promote a new style of learning.
The story of the Tip Ton

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Panton Chair Classic
Verner Panton, 1959/1960

Tip Ton
Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, 2011

Maarten Van Severen, 1998