Orgatec 2016 – BuzziSpace to Present its Vision for the Workplace


BuzziSpace will be presenting the results of several creative collaborations with Gerd Couckhuyt, Alain Gilles, 13&9 Design, DUM OFFICE, Sas Adriaenssens and Jonas Van Put

» Orgatec Cologne, 25/10 – 29/10
» Koelnmesse GmbH, hall 10.2, stands P040 N041 and P050 N051

At the biennial Orgatec Cologne, BuzziSpace will be presenting its vision for the workplace. CoWorking is essential in this vision and it ties in with the ‘No Boundaries’ positioning of the brand. This fits together perfectly with this year’s special area at Orgatec, “The Smart Co-Working Lobby”.

With an open spirit, BuzziSpace offers functional solutions for the office of the future. The products appeal to all generations, from 50-somethings to millennials. Homeliness, innovation and wellbeing take centre stage and are extremely evident on the unique, experience-based BuzziSpace stand. CoWorking, consultation, interaction, relaxation and socializing are made possible. Here, you can discover the latest new products by designers Gerd Couckhuyt, Alain Gilles, Jonas Van Put, Sas Adriaenssens, 13&9 and DUM OFFICE.

Visit BuzziSpace at Orgatec:
hall 10.2, stands P040 N041 and P050 N051

Visitor experience

Design-loving Germany (not to mention the rest of the world) is already looking forward to Orgatec 2016. And with good reason! Once again, this biennial event will inundate visitors with activities, interior trends, interesting presentations and new products.

Among all the trendy design noise, BuzziSpace manages to occupy an important position. The brand will be exhibiting its latest products at the Cologne fair this year, products which have arisen from collaborations with Belgian designers including Gerd Couckhuyt and Alain Gilles, as well as international design talent such as DUM OFFICE and 13&9 Design. Once again, BuzziSpace will demonstrate that the brand is truly an international pioneer in the area of office design.

From left to right: Gerd Couckhuyt, Alain Gilles, Sas Adriaenssens and Jonas Van Put

The best of Belgium

Alain Gilles (1970), Gerd Couckhuyt (1970), Sas Adriaenssens (1971) and Jonas Van Put (1989) belong to a generation of Belgian designers to be truly proud of. All four will be introducing their latest creations at Orgatec.

For example, Alain Gilles and Gerd Couckhuyt have designed their first chairs for BuzziSpace: the BuzziFloat and the BuzziBounce. In addition, Couckhuyt will be presenting the matching BuzziTrihex table to the general public, together with the BuzziPlank. In turn, Alain Gilles will be highlighting the BuzziPicnic Round, the round version of his well-known BuzziPicnic, together with his BuzziBlinds.

Designer Sas Adriaenssens will be introducing her BuzziFalls Standing. This playful, freestanding room divider consists of various panels which can be personalised with an attractive pattern. The BuzziChandelier, another new product by the same designer, can also be admired at Orgatec. Besides that, BuzziSpace Studio, the BuzziSpace design agency, will highlight the BuzziBaffles, BuzziMoon and BuzziTotem once again.

At Orgatec, you can explore the fluorescent yellow BuzziJungle by up-and-coming Belgian talent Jonas Van Put. It reflects the BuzziSpace vision of the social office, which completely abandons the traditional boundaries of the workplace as we currently know them. BuzziJungle users can interact with each other. For example, they can climb, chill in the lounge or hold meetings in the raised work lounge area. A creative solution for conventional meeting rooms.

Belgium and beyond

The designers have been very busy abroad. For example, the Dutch DUM OFFICE designed the BuzziCane lounge chair. Additionally, the familiar BuzziNordic has been given a new look: the result is the BuzziNordic ST203.

Besides that, you can put the BuzziBalance and the BuzziBalance Board by the Austrian 13&9 Design to the test in real life. The BuzziBalance Board is blowing a new wind of social interaction through today’s office spaces by encouraging movement and social interaction (and therefore indirectly also wellbeing) in the office space.

BuzziBalance Board by 13&9 Design

About Gerd Couckhuyt (1970, Kortrijk)

The likeable West Fleming Gerd Couckhuyt first set foot in the design world at the age of 29. After finding his way for 14 years, he opened his own design studio ‘Bhoom’ in Kortrijk in 2012. His past includes technical/industrial training, art school and various additional courses such as interior design, sculpture and lighting consultancy. He gains inspiration for his versatile designs from the visual and emotional stimuli found in everyday life.

About Alain Gilles (1970, Brussels)

After studying Political Sciences and Marketing Management, Alain Gilles spent five years working in international finance. However, this did not allow him to channel his full creativity. Thanks to the moral support of his wife, he became a student once again. This time, he chose to study Industrial Design in France and we couldn’t be more delighted with his decision! He opened his own studio in 2007. Since then, the (international) commissions haven’t stopped flooding in.

About Sas Adriaenssens (1971)

Sas Adriaenssens is a versatile designer from Antwerp. She obtained a master’s degree in graphic design and illustration and, after several years in marketing, naturally moved into the world of interior and product design. She divides her energy between design, business coaching, image building, painting and other opportunities in which her talents are an asset. Her designs for BuzziSpace have regularly won awards in recent years, mainly as a result of their innovative and ecological qualities. As a designer, she firmly believes in the cross-pollination between various technological and industrial domains.

About Jonas Van Put

Jonas Van Put is an interior architect and furniture designer. He creates monumental steel constructions, furniture and art installations that question and improve social interaction. He is intrigued by nature, landscapes and everything that derives from this. The underlying processes of nature as well as artificial circumstances on different scales fascinate him.The journey across those scales is vital for the choice of a design language. In each and every design, he focuses on its relation with the public and questions social interactions among people. The starting point is one imaginary story that leads the subsequent design process to be both dreamy and light-hearted.


DUM OFFICE is a Dutch design studio founded by designers Wiebe Boonstra and Marc van Nederpelt in the late nineties. The main objective of DUM OFFICE is to provide spaces with distinctive items all with a recognizable DUM signature: edgy, clean, playful, colorful and subtle. BuzziCane fits perfectly in their playful aesthetic signature and in our BuzziSpace DNA. The informal design of the BuzziCane welcomes guests with its friendly feel.

About 13&9

Founded in 2013 in Graz, Austria, 13&9 is a product design firm based on the partnership between 2015 Contract magazine’s Designer of the Year, architect Martin Lesjak, INNOCAD Architecture CEO and designer Anastasia Su. 13&9 is both a design studio for international companies – including BuzziSpace – and its own label that designs, produces and sells their own products. The interdisciplinary team’s successful cooperation with specialist partners has led to achievements in furniture, lighting, floor coverings, fashion, accessories and art objects, as well as exhibition and sound design projects. Recently 13&9 received the Best of Neocon Gold Award 2016 for BuzziBalance.

13&9’s work relies on the interplay between architecturally-inspired forms and fashion and explores the approaches of different design disciplines. Interdisciplinary thought is encouraged in every project. 13&9’s designs seek to create a unique dialogue between the individual and the environment, by expressing through design how we all are connected and impact one another.

About BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace is relentless in its pursuit of bettering the world through design. It started with acoustics. From there, the mission grew. Driven by an unbounded passion for solving modern design challenges, BuzziSpace continuously reimagines furnishings to be more functional and more fun. The brand provides new ways of working, living and being sustainable.

BuzziSpace continuously strives for durable and high quality products which is reflected in their production process. With manufacturing units in the Netherlands (Bladel) and the US (North Carolina- High Point) they try to excel in everything they do and make. Their passionate craftsmen are constantly improving their skills to take the products to a higher level and to bring that extra sparkle to the product families.

BuzziSpace has always given opportunities to both upcoming and established designers to develop products and ideas that match the DNA of BuzziSpace. These designs are often ahead of their time and each tell a unique story. They do not only look good but they also meet a particular need.